Need a quick, simple and nutritious meal to add to your Super Bowl spread? If so, my stuffed pepper recipe is a must try!

The vibrant colors of the peppers double as a fun and sensible table-scape. Especially, when you layer in plenty of chips, guacamole, and other game day dips! This version is a healthy twist on the classic, and easy to adapt to a vegetarian/plant-based diet (like our very own Tom and Gisele!).

I’m a business owner and busy mom of two; always trying to squeeze a lot into each day! While I love to cook for my family and often host friends for dinner, I have to be cognizant of time. That means 30-minute meals that I can make with one pot or pan – easy prep and easy clean-up! This recipe works perfectly for my busy schedule. Not only will you love it, but you’ll have more time to enjoy the game!

Game Day Stuffed Pepper Recipe


  • 6 whole bell peppers (I like to mix colors)
  • 1/2 red onion, diced
  • 1 lb organic ground turkey *Substitute tofu and/or cooked sweet potatoes for vegetarian
  • ½ cup frozen corn kernels
  • 1 cup rice or quinoa
  • 1 can black beans
  • 6 oz. plain Greek yogurt
  • 8 oz. shredded cheddar cheese
  • 8 oz. red enchilada sauce
  • 4 tbsp. salsa
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Seasonings to taste – Himalayan sea salt, ground pepper, garlic powder and chili


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Slice the peppers in half, remove veins and seeds, wash and pat dry.
  3. Layer the peppers, face up, on an oil lined cookie sheet and bake for 7 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, saute the onion in EVOO until translucent.
  5. Add the ground meat along with the juice of one lime and the seasonings.
  6. Once cooked thru, turn heat to low and add the corn, enchilada sauce, and salsa.
  7. Fold in the rice, beans, and Greek yogurt and then turn off stove top.
  8. Scoop filling into each pepper, top with cheese and bake for 5 minutes, until cheese is melted and starting to brown.
  9. Place on table and enjoy!

Feel free to add extra toppings! I like to dollop mine with guacamole before serving.

Julie W. Freed is Principal of Freed Events, a high-touch event agency – helping clients to strategize, visualize and realize their event goals. She produces a range of events, varying in size and scope, in the wedding, social, corporate and non-profit markets. Julie has been in the events industry since 2004 working for some of the leading events companies, including Rafanelli Events where she was the Event Director, producing the largest and most complex events for the firm’s top clientele. She left Rafanelli to launch The Conception Group as an extension of London-based events, marketing, and creative agency, emc3, where she remains as an Account Director and collaborator. Julie is known for her efficiency, authentic nature, love for logistics and most importantly, for building long-term, trusting relationships with her clients and event partners.