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We’ve nailed all three in an upcoming video featuring Dr. Joseph Russo’s Cosmetic Center, Bellafill facial filler, and a very special young woman.

The Dr. Joseph Russo Cosmetic Center

Dr. Joseph A. Russo

Walking into The Dr. Joseph Russo Cosmetic Center, we immediately knew we chose the right practice for our video project. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Russo, and his staff welcomed us with open arms. With his great sense of humor and warm personality, Dr. Russo made us feel right at home!

We loved getting to know this avid Boston sports fan and lover of classic rock. Growing up in a modest upbringing in New Haven, Connecticut, he was the first in his family to attend college. The Harvard-trained doctor then started his plastic surgery career in the fast-paced environment of the ER.

27 years later, not only does he have his own full-service cosmetic center, including onsite operating and recovery rooms, but, he is also the founder, owner, and lead instructor of The Aesthetic Institute of Mass (AIM) Accredited Institute. He trains other medical professionals on how to use injectables and has also created the first compliant network of medical aesthetic professionals in Massachusetts. His staff tells us, and it is clear from the camaraderie in the office, that Dr. Russo works hard to help his staff and others succeed.

Besides the accolades (and very sweet staff) what makes The Dr. Joseph Russo Cosmetic Center so great is the commitment to mastering the latest and least invasive technologies and procedures to minimize downtime and get the best results. For example, Dr. Russo uses radiofrequency in conjunction with liposuction. The radiofrequency tightens the skin to eliminate the need to cut out any tissue. This avoids unsightly scars and makes for a very easy recovery.

The same goes for facial aesthetics. In the past, a facelift required cuts, stitches, and scars. Today, Dr. Russo is achieving results with products like facial fillers and injectables that relax facial muscles (and wrinkles). Dr. Russo tells us plastic surgery used to mean trying to turn back the clock. Today, it’s more about stopping the clock. Have you noticed how hard it’s getting to guess a woman’s age? Is she 35 or 45 years old? And it’s not just women, men are catching on to these cosmetic treatments. The now widely accepted practice of “sprinkles” and “dabs” of injectables is responsible for these ever more prevalent youthful faces. They are also making it less necessary to go under the knife. Some of these products even stimulate one’s own collagen. Enter Bellafill.


Social media, non-aging celebrities, and access to med spas and cosmetic centers have all contributed to the mainstreaming of facial aesthetics. Numerous celebrities now admit to “tweaking” the aging process. Their honesty and incredible results have both men and women wondering what tweaks they can do too.

Since the first vial of collagen was FDA approved and dispensed in 1981, many different facial fillers have entered the market. All of which dissolve within 6 months to 2 years. Here is where Dr. Russo remains on the cutting edge. He recognizes the value of a longer lasting filler and Bellafill is the only option approved to treat facial wrinkles, like smile lines, for up to five years.

A combination of a collagen and PMMA (a synthetic filler), Bellafill first fills the voids and then stimulates one’s own collagen to create volume naturally.

Besides being a long-term option as a facial filler, Bellafill also has another use and one that makes it exclusive. It’s the only FDA product approved to treat acne scars.

Until now, for many with severe scars, there has not been an effective treatment. Acne scars are real scars. They also can be a reminder of a painful time during adolescence. Bellafill offers those with pitted and depressed scars the opportunity to erase the visual reminder of the acne years and help to build confidence and self-esteem from within.

Photo Courtesy of Bellafill

Here’s where our compelling story happens. Dr. Russo and Bellafill have teamed up to help build a beautiful young woman’s confidence by treating her acne scars. She’s an amazing person. A hard-working single mom, going back to school for her master’s degree and donating her spare time to empowering other women.

We can’t wait to introduce you to her and show you the amazing results! Stay tuned…

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