About The Haute Life

Kim and Jess met in 2006, when Jess’s moving company moved Kim and her family. Over the years, the two women became acquaintances and eventually friends, occasionally seeing each other at parties and events.

In 2014, both of their lives took a sad and unforeseen turn, when both Kimberly’s ex-husband and Jessica’s husband passed away with in four months of each other. Both women were left as broken heart single mothers to a total six children.

Kim and Jess’s bond strengthened through late night texts and words of encouragement. Seeing the parallel’s in their lives, and understanding they both gained a valuable perspective that unfortunately is only earned via a tragic means, the duo formed The Haute Life, a website where they could share their stories.

Through their blogging, the women found a way to heal their hearts and rediscovered a passion for life in the process. With this new ideal that life is too short not to love what you do, they created “The Haute Life”, a blog that supports overcoming challenges and finding and living your life’s passion.

The women now have so much to share. Join the pair for fun times, stories and so much more. After losing and finding themselves their motto became their mission…


We hope you’ll follow us on our journey! Cheers!