Did you plant a vegetable garden this year?  If so, right about now, you probably have a beautiful bounty of tomatoes starting to say hello. If you were one of the lucky ones who planted early this year, you’ve probably already started to enjoy them.

I have three favorite uses for my tomatoes: Caprese salad, a light tomato sauce, and roasted tomatoes.

The last comes in handy when you go from being thankful that your little tomato plants did their job, to being overwhelmed with the volume of tomato output. If you’re like me, and tomato plants make up the majority of your garden, there eventually comes the point when there are too many tomatoes. Not to worry! We have a recipe to rescue your tomatoes from spoiling on the vine!

Roasted tomatoes are very easy to make, they keep well, and they go with everything!

Roasted Tomatoes Recipe


Baking sheet

Parchment paper (NOT WAXED PAPER)


  • Tomatoes- all varieties and as many as your oven can handle!
  • Olive
  • Salt & pepper
  • Garlic (if you desire)
  • Herbs of your choice (my favorites are rosemary, thyme, and basil)

NOTE:  Some people add sugar, but I think they get sweet enough. Maybe that is because I use smaller tomatoes. You can also add shallots, balsamic vinegar, lemon, or sherry vinegar. Your taste buds are the limit! 🙂


1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Slice the tomatoes. If they are small, you can just cut them in half.

NOTE: You may opt to slice them very thin. Just keep a watchful eye when they are cooking.

3. Give them a good bath in the olive oil and then toss them around in it.

4. Add salt, pepper, garlic, and herbs and give another good toss.

5. Put the parchment paper on the cookie sheet, and lay the tomatoes on top.

NOTE: Evenly distribute the tomatoes.

6. Roast for about 30 – 50 minutes, depending upon your desired degree of caramelization.  Turn tomatoes over a couple of times.

Roasted Tomato done

Voila! Perfectly roasted tomatoes! I like mine on the more well-done side. But, feel free to cook them however you want. Have fun and experiment!

  • For this recipe, I put mine on top of creamy parmesan risotto. But, there are endless possibilities!


Here are a few delicious uses for your roasted tomatoes:

  • Throw them into salads
  • Mix in an oil-based chicken salad
  • Place on top of avocado toast (everyone’s doing it! 😉 )
  • Inside omelets (add goat cheese & arugula for a heavenly egg-based meal)
  • Make your pizza extra tasty by tossing roasted tomatoes on top
  • Squish in the middle of any number of sandwiches
  • Try eating them as is for a healthy snack!

Well hauties, that’s our recipe for roasted tomatoes! Hope you’re enjoying your summer! We plan to have lots more fun summer dishes on The Haute Life soon. So, if you don’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

-Jess 🙂