Oh, that winter chill and the stress of the holidays.  We know exactly what you need to warm up and relax – a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is just what the Christmas Spirit ordered!

2014 Black Stallion Estate Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

COST – $27.99

GRAPE – Cabernet Sauvignon

COUNTRY – California, USA


TASTING NOTES – full-bodied and balanced with vibrant aromas of blackberry, plum, vanilla and toasted oak. Concentrated flavors of rich cassis, plum and dark chocolate are present. It pairs well with grilled tenderloin, bleu cheeses, pork chops or duck breast.


I opened this bottle of 2014 Black Stallion Estate Winery Cabernet Sauvignon while tackling some holiday chores, including that daily “labor of love” managing our silly Elf, Joey Joy.

As a sat amongst cards, lists, and Joey, I lifted my now full glass to my face. A warm aroma floated out of the glass. I took a sip, and rich chocolate hit my tongue and then that warmness that I smelled filled my belly. Oh, the joys of a full-bodied wine!

How do I know dark chocolate? Sure, yeah, from reading the tasting notes. But, I also actually tasted it. I recently learned a trick, and forgive me if I am centuries late to this game, but when tasting the alcohol, let it sit on your tongue without allowing any air to touch it. Take a sip, keep it on the center of your palette and vacuum seal the rest of your mouth, so there isn’t any air, just wine.

The reason is that when air mixes with the wine/spirit, the alcohol evaporates, causing heat and distorting the flavor. So, on the first sip, I kept my trap shut and let the beautiful Cabernet sit in the middle of my tongue. There it was – that chocolate. On the next sip, I gave it swirl around my mouth, mixing with air. Dark berries came to life in my mouth, followed by a nice tannic finish.

Because I wanted a second opinion, I poured Joey a glass. He was totally into it, and if Joey Joy dug The Black Stallion Cabernet Sauvignon you know it’s good! That little bugger is a total pain in the neck, so if he enjoyed a glass, then you will too! You might also want to try this classic cab with my ribeye and crispy Brussels sprouts recipe with a sherry cream sauce. Yum!

Don’t worry, no Elf was hurt during this Wine Wednesday post, and he opted for lemonade for his usual game of morning hide & seek with the kids. 🙂