Hello Mamas,

Can we discuss this Crop Top Trend? If you are an over 35-year-old Mama… Would ya? Could ya? I mean it is perfectly acceptable now that it has dropped it’s previously notorious name “belly shirt,” and adopted the more refined lady like, haute title “crop top.” It sold me twice. However, there are rules on how to crop it like a lady…

Rule #1

Unless you are Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, an Iron Man Triathlete or anyone with zero percent belly fat do not combine with low-waisted pants. Never. Ever. Ever. Really, please don’t.

And please don’t ever do this either. This is a perfect example of too much skin. We had to throw in this picture of Jess dancing in neither a belly shirt nor a cropped top. In fact, we are pretty sure it might be a napkin. Don’t do it, not even in South Beach. Jess, lesson learned, napkin shirts aren’t cool.



Rule #2

Pair the crop top with high-waisted pants and skirts. Always.

Here’s an example of a perfectly cropped top on our good friend Fee. Oh, did we mention she’s 6’1″, has a model’s physique, and is about 20-years-old in the picture? Yeah, that’s probably why her “belly shirt” is working for her.  Either way, Kudos Fee, kudos to you!


Rule #3

There will be no eating while wearing the crop top. In fact, in the days leading up to wearing your crop top, you need to eat like you are competing in the Miss Olympia Bikini Competition. Lean meats and veggies and lots of water and green tea. Oh, and you might want to get a desk treadmill.

Rule #4

You did it! You have committed to wearing the crop top and are on your way out for a fun night. Don’t question it, don’t look back, just stand up straight and be that lady with just a hint of sex appeal. You earned it! (You didn’t take 14 conference calls, occasionally becoming breathless, while walking on your desk treadmill for nothing!)



When worn right, crop tops make one HAUTE MAMA!


Kimberly & Jessica XO