It came to our attention recently that while most have heard of Instagram, a good number of people really don’t understand the photo-sharing app. Some assumed it exists for social media silliness and selfies, others think it’s just pure T&A. And while both might be somewhat correct, Instagram is really is so much more. Think of it as a visual encyclopedia, categorized via hashtags and words and/or phrases. Do you love cheeseburgers? Search #Cheeseburger and every burger, even those you couldn’t imagine, will delight your visual senses and have you drooling!

From food to bugs to fashion to weather, Instagram provides photos of every hobby you can imagine. It even transcends material items providing a daily dose of comedy and even inspiration. Just be forewarned, it can become an addictive pastime. You’ll forget all about that silly candy crush. Do remember, as Edgar Allen Poe said, “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” With Instagram and the magic of photoshop, use an even more discriminating eye.

If you’re a novice, we thought we’d recommend some of our top accounts for you to follow. If you’re a InstaPro, perhaps you’ll find a new favorite!


How cool is this photo? Honestly, would you expect anything less from the media conglomerate who is known for capturing a thousand words in one shot? The @NatGeo Instagram account will make you gasp in wonder and maybe even cry. Amazing geographical photos and photojournalist images of people across the world pluck the emotional chords within your heart. Definitely not silliness or T&A, just pure wonderment.

FOR LAUGHS- @MyTherapistSays

We all need a good laugh. We’re so grateful for the master of memes, @MyTherapistSays. This twisted, self-loathing, and alcohol-fueled Instagram account makes us laugh out loud. We’re just not sure if we should feel comforted or frightened that we identify with so many of the memes. ????

EYE CANDY – @WomansLook

  • Straight out of Russia this all eye-candy Instagram account immediately sucks you in with images of beautiful women from around the globe. @WomansLook is for the individual who pines for the return of the supermodel and lives for the fall issue of Vogue. There’s no doubt some of the images show impossible female forms that only exist in the land of make-believe. However, every now and then it’s okay to visit fantasy land. Just don’t eat cheese while you look at the account. It might make you feel, well, a little bloated.????

@WomansLook Photo Featuring @karevamargo1

INTERIOR DESIGN- TheWellDressedHouse

If interior design is your thing, then you’ll want to follow @Thewelldressedhouse. With sparkling interiors and gorgeous facades, you’ll come up with a million and one ideas for your next renovation. You might just want to come up with a million dollars too. 😉

CURATED FASHION – @TheHouseOfSequins

Sexy yet warm and fuzzy, and always stylish, @TheHouseOfSequins is fashion blogging done well. Artfully curated little squares flow from neutral earthy tones and back to soft greys. The best part? Fashion blogger Sarah Lindner tells you where you can buy everything you see!


@VyBeSource will give you your daily dose of positive energy. That’s one of the great things about Instagram. Flip through one account and your cracking up about the evils of tequila, jump to another and your eyes are welling up from reading positive words. It might sound a little bit like an emotional rollercoaster, but what the heck, rollercoasters are fun!


It might be for the boys, but that doesn’t mean we ladies don’t love to follow @BarstoolSports. In fact, it’s one of our favorite blogs and Insta accounts. From sports to chicks to current events, everything is fair game and absolutely hilarious.

THROUGH THE EYES OF A PUP- @SirWinstonFancyPants

We might be a little biased since we have a personal “in” with this cutie-pie pomeranian. Even if we weren’t on a first name basis with @SirWinstonFancyPants we would still be amused by this cynical and sarcastic old man puppy. He may not have a lot of followers (yet) but he has some funny pearls of wisdom.

LIFESTYLE- @RachParcell

Okay, so we might want to be the super cute designer and lifestyle blogger, Rachel Parcell. But, if we can’t be her, at least we can follow and live vicariously through her Instagram account @RachParcell . Just wait till you see her closet and shoes…


Do you like fashion bloggers? How about internet shopping? If you’ve said yes to both, follow  This shopping account scours Instagram to find the best goodies selected by top bloggers and then tells you exactly where to buy them.

Do you have a favorite account? Please share in the comments!