Does your hair look like you stuck your finger into an electrical socket? Dry winter air and the moisture-zapping heating systems in our home not only toy with your skin but also your lovely locks. Throw in over styling during the holidays and all of a sudden your hair starts to feel like a scarecrow’s mane of straw!

No worries! We have award-winning Boston Hairstylist Ashley Mason on our side! The Salon Capri balayage expert gave us a secret weapon- a deep conditioning Kerastase spray treatment. The in-salon treatment adds luster to your hair and lasts for up to ten shampoos. The Salon Capri experts will customize the treatment specifically to match your hair. Frizzy, thin, whatever your needs, if your hair is standing on its ends, give Ashley a call and book an appointment ASAP to add moisture without weighing down your hair.

Ashley also recommends these two products to protect your hair in-between treatments.

Shu Uemura urban moisture hydro-nourishing double serum

Use this leave-in hair serum to feed your hair and protect it during styling.

Kerastase  L’Incroyable Blowdry Creme

This Kerastase wet to dry thermal cream protects your hair from heat styling while also providing memory.