Thank you Post Road Liquors for recommending Trimbach Riesling – we forgot how refreshing this standard Alsace wine is.

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Trimbach Riesling

COST – $18.00 – $30.00

GRAPE – Riesling

COUNTRY – France

REGION – Alsace

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – Classic dry Riesling – perfect all year long. Stands well against bold dishes.

TASTING NOTES – A beautiful straw color with green edges with a fine mineral fragrance of ginger and caraway seed underripe pineapple and flowers. Flavors of white peach, quince and lemon on the palate with a lingering, clean and dry finish. Pairs perfectly with marinated or grilled fish and sushi.


If you don’t like sweet wines, Riesling might not even be in your wine vocabulary. However, Rieslings can be crisp and dry. What makes a dry Riesling? Generally, it depends on the technique of a given region. For example, German Riesling wines are sweeter, and Alsace Riesling wines are typically drier. In Germany, the climate is cool. Winemakers create a higher alcohol content by feeding the Fermenting juice sugar. In Alsace, the French simply age the wine longer.

Another little fun fact about Rieslings is that like Chardonnay, they are one of the rare white wines that become more attractive as they age. (Don’t we wish that was true for all things?) 😉 Rieslings from Alsace, in particular, can benefit from a little more time in the bottle. With that time, the wine will become a touch sweeter. But, during the first few years in the bottle, we get a nice dry wine. Trimbach also makes great wines in general. Several years ago, I went on a dry Riesling kick, and Trimbach was my go-to winery.

So, I knew what I was getting into when I saw that old familiar label. I also knew what I wanted to pair with it- fried rice!

Lemongrass, curry, jalapeno, and lime are spectacular flavors. Mix in a little fried egg, and you have a substantial meal that can be on the table in literally 10 minutes. Add the Trimbach Riesling, and you will feel like a professional!

I thoroughly enjoyed the dish and the wine. They complimented each other so much; it started to get a little obnoxious. 😉

You can find the recipe here, and you can find a bottle of Trimbach Riesling at Post Road Liquors or any of the three sister stores.



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