Do you love treasure hunting for unique pieces that will stand out as fashion pieces or focal points in your home? Well, we have the “space” for you. Located on Nantucket’s Old South Wharf, Space Nantucket is an adorable store with highly curated home and fashion items. We were thrilled when the owner, Elise Gura, agreed to share a few of her thoughts on curated shopping, as well as her perfect day on Nantucket.

Space Nantucket
Space Nantucket

1. We adore Space, your adorable store on Old South Wharf. How did you come to open this eclectic little shop?

EG: Space was created after my 25 years working as a chef, floral designer, and sourcing textiles for an architect. I first came to Nantucket in 1982 when I was a nanny for a family from New York. I immediately fell in love with the island and spent the rest of my college summers working here. So, when I finally decided to open Space, I couldn’t think of a better place to do so than Nantucket!

2. Space has a mix of fashion items, home décor, and vintage goodies. How do you find the cool things peppered around the store?

EG: Traveling abroad has opened my eyes to the world and all of the wonderful things tucked away in different corners of the globe. I love supporting artists and artisans from different cultures and the beautiful projects they create by bringing those precious items back to the island. They are the inspiration that helps me to curate what you see in my shop.

Shopping at Space Nantucket

3. Describe the shopping experience in Space.

EG: Space is a highly curated lifestyle shop that caters to those who appreciate hand-made, small production goods and those who are always on the hunt for one-of-a-kind items. I sell a little bit of everything, including vintage items, fashion pieces, pieces for the home, accessories, jewelry, and skincare. The only requirement for what makes it onto my store’s shelves is that it stands out and that one cannot find it anywhere else than at Space.

4. Supporting small and local businesses, especially female-owned ones, is one of our passions. What are a few of your favorite other small businesses on Nantucket?

EG: Some of my favorite female-owned businesses are Atlantic Nantucket, The Lovely, Bodega, Nomad, Milly and Grace, Erica Wilson, Parchment, and Erica Wilson.

5. For someone who has never visited Nantucket, describe the perfect day.

EG: My perfect day starts with an egg sandwich at Born n’ Bread Bakery, followed by a bike ride to the beach. For lunch, I would stop and grab some fish tacos at the 167 Food Truck and then take a little shopping trip to the Hospital Thrift Shop. Then, of course, you must take in one sunset at the beach when you’re on Nantucket. Finally, to top off the summer day on ACK, you can’t miss a BBQ with friends and a little night swimming.

An Antique Mini-Dictionary, One of the Many Treasures Found at Space Nantucket

A big thanks to Elise for sharing her thoughts and for creating a store that celebrates the uncommon.

The next time you are on Nantucket, visit Elise. 

4 Old South Wharf

Nantucket, MA 02554

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