There is Rosé In The Air this Wine Wednesday thanks to Post Road Liquors! Be sure to pick up a bottle; we’re pretty sure it will lift up your week!

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COST – $12.99 – $24.99

GRAPE – 30% Cinsault, 25% Syrah, 35% Grenache, 10% Rolle

COUNTRY – France

REGION –  Côtes de Provence

TASTING NOTES – Light pink color with peach and lychee highlights. A floral nose, very elegant with notes of exotic and citrus fruits. Roquefeuille, Rosé in the Air is a generous, round and fruity wine. Ideal as an aperitif, with seafood, Asian or Mediterranean dishes.


Here is a true confession from a personal wine tasting. I did not think I would like this rosé! Why? I foolishly judged it’s by it’s cover. First of all, at first glance, the wine took on an orange hue from the slightly cheesy label. Orange rosé? Peach I am used to… Then there is the name, Rosé In The Air. How silly!

I brought the wine inside to my kitchen. It was going to hang out with me while I made sweet corn agnolotti, and then, I would hopefully enjoy it with this scrumptious summer dish.

Inside my home, I put it into the fridge while I started cooking and boys skirted around me, dashing in and out of the kitchen, despite my constant scolding. I was now glad I had the wine in the fridge.

When it was finally chilled, I was entirely into my cooking session. I took it out, popped open the bottle, and poured a glass. It really wasn’t orange at all. In the brightness of my kitchen, I could see a lovely pale peach typical of Provencial rosés.

I had just made bacon to sprinkle on top of the agnolotti. As it usually goes with my cooking, one for me- one for the recipe! Fresh from a nice bite of crisp bacon bursting with salty goodness, I took a sip. Ah! The wine I initially scoffed at was actually very good! And not just because I was trying to escape from the children still running in and out of the kitchen and all around the house. (For that I lean on my Calgon. Sorry to age myself. I’m even sorrier if you don’t get the reference.)

Anyhow, Rosé In The Air is delightful! There are lots of different varietals in this rosé; I won’t pretend I can tell the differences or the impact they made on the final product. What I can tell you is that the wine starts off nice and light. There is a slight effervescence to it, and a nice peachy taste that is not overwhelmingly sweet. It also goes FANTASTICALLY with bacon! Seriously, I ate more bacon just to enjoy the pairing.

Rosé In The Air is an all-day rosé. My understanding is the grapes that are used to make this wine get the most sunshine they possibly can- they are always out there in the air, taking it all in! That attitude is reflected in the glass. I thoroughly enjoy this wine and regret being so judgemental based on the label. Shame on me! I wish I had another bottle – good thing I know where to find another one and for 20% off!

Oh, and it went well with the sweet corn agnolotti recipe. But, not as well as with the bacon on top. 😉



Thank you to Post Road Liquors, 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for recommending this airy rosé, as well as their expertise!

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