With just a week left in summer, there’s no need to put away the rosé (or in this case Rosato)! In fact, these are some of the most beautiful days of the year! With a 1 p.m. Pat’s game on Sunday, we have a Rosato that you can drink all day and still remember the score! Thanks, Post Road Liquors for introducing us to this lovely Italian rosé so we can ditch the Aperol spritzer for something new!

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Trediberri Langhe Rosato 2018

COST – $13.99 – $17.00

GRAPE – Rare rosé blend

COUNTRY – Piedmont, Italy

REGION – Langhe

TASTING NOTES – Deep pink. A very vinous nose speaks of apple, pear and red berries; a hint of volatile acidity adds freshness. Enters succulent and fruity, then turns slightly austere with a bitter quality to the red fruit and herbal flavors. Finishes long and tactile, with good juicy cut and precision.


So, there’s this silly (and yet responsible) trend of drinking less alcohol per glass so that one can drink longer, i.e., Aperol spritz, White Claw Seltzer. And actually, I’m all for it, as long as it’s tasty.

Please don’t start to troll me after this one, but I’m not that cray-cray about all of these hard seltzers. They take me back to the days of Zima. Who knows if it is actually the taste (and aftermath) of Zima or the fashions from the early ’90s, but my gag reflex starts whenever someone tries to pass me one of those malt, seltzer, wine cooler things. So, instead, I opt for a Manhattan or skinny margarita. I may start and end my night like the hare- fast, and then not winning. So, I guess I need something that is a little more of a tortoise drink.

So, when Nick from Post Road Liquors said he had a Rosato wine that could be enjoyed as intended, or with a little bit of soda water and extended, I was intrigued.

Also, after reading the food pairing for the Trediberri Langhe Rosato, I was pumped! Hard cheeses and charcuterie were some of the recommendations. This Rosato was going to be the perfect wine to try it alongside my attempt to recreate a recent tapas meal in Spain.

Guess what? It worked! What a fantastic combo – with or without the bubbles.

Our last dinner in Ibiza, never-ending and joyful plates of tapas, and my recreation at home!

Here’s the skinny (literally if you’re drinking it with seltzer) – I liked it! It’s a simple wine, a bit fruity, but also dry, so it’s not super sweet or anything that might activate that gag reflex- more like cranberry than a big bowl full of sweet strawberries. The color – a gorgeous ruby- also makes this wine enticing. And it went perfectly with the Tapas!

Might I suggest that for game day on Sunday, head to the store where you can get the best charcuterie, cheese, and accouterments. Then, head to Post Road Liquors and grab a bottle of the Trediberrie Langhe Rosato. You will be thrilled (and not toasted by 4 pm). 😉



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