Post Road Liquors has taught us so much over the past year. In the latest Wine Wednesday lesson, we’re reminded good things do come in small packages, and it’s not always bad to be late.

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Robert Sinskey Pinot Gris Late

COST – $29.99

GRAPE – Pinot Gris

COUNTRY – California

REGION – Sonoma

TASTING NOTES – A bouquet of aromas with honeysuckle, pear, apricot and peach with back notes of walnut, almond and tarragon. Initially a bit tight, the wine blossoms with a spin in the glass. The flavor mimics the aroma with the addition of lemon curd and clover honey with a snap of fresh ginger that accentuates the supple, nectar-like mid-palate and a lingering, almost citrus-like finish.


As I brought home this tiny little bottle of wine, I was bursting with excitement. Why? First of all Post Road Liquors told me it was one of their absolute favs. That glowing recommendation was reason enough for me to pop the cork enthusiastically.

But then there’s the fact that I love the delicate sweetness of a late-harvest wine. I’d never tried the Robert Sinsky Vineyards Pinot Gris Late. So, I was very eager to pour it into a glass.

Another factor of my excitement was that in a separate package I had a yummy hunk of L’Etivaz Fromage D’alpage.  Wasik’s Cheese Shop in Wellesley promised me this golden Alpine Cheese would provide that perfect salty/sweet combo some of us (i.e., me) crave. Boy, were they right!

I nibbled on that salty, nutty cheese, with each sip of the late harvest Pinot Gris. Each time there was a burst with bright honeyed flavors and a subtle sweetness in the wine. These two make the perfect dessert!

How is this perfect little bottle of wine made? The Pinot Grig grapes hang out on those Californian vines until October, when they continue to ripen and then eventually dehydrate. When they are finally raisin-like and full of sugar, they are plucked and used to create this wonderful sweet wine.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up on this on – four if you include my big toes. Wait, are those thumbs? hmmmm.


Thank you to Post Road Liquors, 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for recommending this delightful wine as well as their expertise!

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Don’t take yourself too seriously. 😉