A new year, a clean slate and a long list of goals to achieve. I know I am not alone. Everyone feels refreshed in the new year. Well, almost everyone, and if you don’t it is okay we are in good company. To give it all you have with what life hands you on a daily basis is exhausting. But, there isn’t much we can do; it is this thing called life. They say we have all chosen to be here on Earth; to have this life experience. Life is God’s gift to us and what we do with it is our gift to ourselves, and as some may believe our gift to God in return.

But, that gift isn’t so easy to give. We make choices, some of which make us whisper or shout out “we are grateful!”. Some of those choices give us lessons. They are the not-so-fun part of living, or are they? What if we always had it easy? What if we always had what we wanted?

My faith has showed me the easy road is not the plan; at least, not while we are here on Earth. The plan is to discover the gifts inside of you; like an archaeologist digging away to discover and gather information. That expedition tells the story of a life – your life.

The hard part is what holds us back; I have struggled all my life to let myself shine. I mean to go “balls to the walls” with everything. But, the biggest challenge I face in achieving that goal is asking. It’s hard to ask for what I need, to ask for what I want, and to speak up.  I’m trying to wipe away the “whys” as I face this post. Why do I hold myself back and why do I think I need to stand one step behind? Why not lead? Why not ask what about me?

One of the hardest lessons I learned going through my divorce was that I wasn’t being selfish. That decision took me almost five years to discover. (Man, that was a long and painful archaeological dig!) But, what I discovered is that I was growing and that isn’t selfish, but a necessity. “The biggest barometer for a love that hopes to grow (yet doesn’t want to change us) is a feeling of peace and freedom when we are in the arms of our partner.” – Kate Rose

Sometimes you find yourself rooted in the wrong soil or in a place with no sun. But, as the Earth turns, sometimes, you find yourself uprooted and sometimes all your soil needs is a little more rain. Life continues and your life continues and it is up to you to dig and discover. This is what the big guy wants; he wants happiness. More happiness is the closest thing to heaven; that point when we are in a state of bliss, grateful and content. This should be our biggest life goal.

So take some time to reflect on the year and see all the hidden pieces of yourself you discovered. As I have discovered, I am nowhere near my potential or even utilizing my gifts. But, I do feel I am aware of my journey and how to keep myself on course. Like the archaeologist brushing away and digging with care; we are here to uncover ourselves. Find the person you are created to be…. Find your purpose.