Nantucket Artisans

From scrimshaw carvings to Herman Melville to marine artist Charman, Nantucket has been inspiring artists for centuries. Today, the Grey Lady is still a magnet for creativity. And during summer, when the population swells to almost five times its normal size, Nantucket artisans are given a chance to showcase their work and shine. With beachy landscapes, picturesque cobblestone streets, and the inspirational salty air, it’s no wonder, so many artists make Nantucket their home.

As part of The Mazer Group’s monthly newsletter, we’re honoring those Nantucket artisans who use the island for inspiration to create beautiful things! Because there are too many of these spectacular talents to name, we’re introducing you to just a few of our favorite Nantucket artisans – here’s to the artists, photographers, jewelry designers, and potters who capture the island’s beauty!

Nantucket Photographers


Nantucket Artisans - Photographer

Fans of Nantucket photographer Garth Grimmer span the globe. And while he does capture the quintessential Nantucket moments, we love how he memorializes the special moments that might otherwise be overlooked. For example, check out this time-lapsed photo of stars over the oldest house on Nantucket. Pretty cool, don’t you think?


Nantucket Drone offers a view only seen by passing planes and birds sailing on the breeze. We love the opportunity to peek at a different perspective of this gorgeous island. Check out this ariel view of Nantucket beachgoers. The colorful umbrellas become sprinkles of confetti on the extra-fine sand.


A freelance photographer Bill Hoenk has found commercial success photographing a wide array of subjects. But, of course, the award-winning photographer’s works that attract our attention are of Nantucket. In particular, we’re extra fond of his seascapes and the contrast between colors and shades. Plus, we could stare at the Nantucket ocean all day long.

Nantucket Artists


Zoe Markham pulls her inspiration from the Earth. And while that might not be a remarkable revelation, what is remarkable about her work is that Zoe can turn anything into a canvas. From oyster shells to these adorable Veuve Cliquot bottles, Zoe’s work makes the ordinary extra special.


Known as the water artist, Michele LeMaitre connects with water. Through her 2-D sculptural mixed media art, she helps art collectors connect with the water too. Her pieces essentially become a slice of the ocean to hang on the wall. Inspired by the different lights and the ocean’s varying strength, her artwork built upon wood panels gives one perspective on how many different looks the sea has. We’re into this piece called Purple Passion because it reminds us of staring across the depths of the Atlantic while cruising on a boat.


The artist’s impression is the soul of any piece of work, and we love the impression that Ikkya Kagan paints onto the canvas. His landscapes are simple yet complex. His ability to capture the essence of the view while tying his perspective within the brush strokes makes his classic works a worthwhile investment. We also really dig Kagan’s Instagram.

Nantucket Jewelers


Katherine is undoubtedly one of our favorite jewelry designers. Her couture creations are also treasured across the globe. Originally known for her incorporation of Australian opals, Katherine continues to expand and grow as an artist. We adore her new lady of the rings collection. Oh, and if you are on island, be sure to stop by her store, The Vault, which showcases other fabulous couture designers.


A gold and silversmith by trade, Heidi Weddendorf crafts pieces that speak to Nantucket’s nautical nature and history. Because she makes each piece by hand, no two are the same. Owning a one-of-a-kind piece is a jewelry rush for even novice collectors. We think these Nantucket Knot bracelets would slip in perfectly with any bracelet stack.


Voted best jeweler on Nantucket for the past six years, Susan Lister Locke’s designs have become a favorite of celebrities and us! We’re mildly obsessed with this gorgeous Moby Dick-inspired Nantucket Nocturne Opal Pendant. You can almost see the Pequod rolling in the massive Atlantic waves, with the great Moby Dick watching and waiting. Pieces like this make it clear why Susan’s designs are so beloved.

Nantucket Potters & Ceramics


Simply breathtaking, that is all we can say about Eve Christa Ceramics. Ordinary tableware becomes extraordinary with unique glazes, like these pearlesque pieces from her Sophia Collection. Gorgeous hues and thoughtful designs make all of Eva Christa’s pottery covetable. 


Samara Monfette is the potter behind this line of functional pottery pieces. The Rhode Island native makes customizable pieces that will fit any tablescape. Different glazes and stamps transform pieces from bright and airy to highly chic, like this dark starfish dotted charcuterie plate. 

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