Here we are, August already! As always, the summer seems to be flying by us! Whether you are ramping up with some final summer fun, wrapping up vacations and travel before kids go back to school or work gets real in the fall, this month keep your nails simple. This is way out of my comfort zone but is a welcome change. Go nude or even naked this month!

What? Why even get your nails done? Stay with me here…

The natural look exudes a pretty, feminine and simply put together vibe that will get you through all of the end of summer fun! It’s a clean look that looks great on short or long nails and grows out well if you have trouble getting in for your regular mani.

And if you think it’s not exciting just remember that all neutrals are not created equal. Shades range from pink to brown, and some options are more transparent than others. You can always add a little art to a naked nail like subtle sparkle or a small silver or gold dot at the base.

I have featured my two favorite natural colors but don’t be shy to ask your manicurist for help picking the right one for you. So keep it clean and simple (at least on your nails 😘) for the final days of summer.

Here are a few of my favorite nail colors for the month of August.

Naked manicure = clear polish.  This is a clean look that works great for short nails. Add some fun accessories, and out the door, you go!

 OPI Love is in the Bare is a great color that pulls a more pink shade.  It’s pretty and delicate and great on short or long nails.

Choose OPI Passion if your skin tends to look pink or red. It’s more of a peachy brown base and will tone down any redness in your skin.

Combine OPI Passion with Gelish Cellophane coat for sparkle. This is a great combo for anyone who needs just a little more excitement on their fingertips!

No matter what you’re doing this August, enjoy!

Emily May is a licensed manicurist and makeup artist offering in-studio and mobile services in the Sudbury area.

You can find her at 339 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, inside Laurel Grove Home Store. Request appointments online HERE.