Thank you Post Road Liquors for reminding us it’s okay to drink red wine in the summer!

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COST – $15.99 to $25.00

GRAPE – 85% Malbec, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon

COUNTRY – Argentina

REGION – Mendoza

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – A well-balanced spicy red that will blend perfectly into any red-meat grilling session.

TASTING NOTES – Deep ruby color with violet hints. The nose presents aromas of cloves, white pepper, and raspberry. The sleek chocolate and tobacco finish has a pleasant racy edge. On the palate, the tannins are velvety with a long-lasting finish. Layer upon layer of refined flavors and lingering acidity can be appreciated after the bottle has been opened. This well balanced, well-defined wine can be drunk now but will open up with more time.


It’s funny how in the summertime one sort of forgets about red wine. At least I did. Cold whites, relaxing rosés- red was waiting in the back of my mind with a fireplace and drifting snow.

How silly is that? Red wine should be enjoyed all year long! Especially, if you love to grill red meats during the summer. Maybe all of this heat has gotten to my head. Thankfully, Post Road Liquors recommended I give a bottle of Amancaya Reserve Red Blend a try. With that little suggestion, red wine came out of the winter storm in the back of my mind and onto my deck, next to some juicy burger patties I had been yearning for all day.

On went the grill, out came the cork, and a smile appeared on my face. Cheeseburgers really are a canvas for your culinary imagination. As the grill heated up, I took my first few sips of the Amancaya Reserve Red Blend and imagined my Wine Wednesday burger in my mind. The wine caught me off guard. It’s been a while since a wine took command. Since the spring I’ve been enjoying light wine that goes down like water.

The Amancaya Reserve Red Blend had a lot going on and demanded attention; it went down smoothly, just with a lot of thought. I can say this wine is so nice and spicy! I’ve missed that great blend of fruit and peppery goodness. I always enjoy Malbec. I cannot claim to be sophisticated enough to say how a little bit of Cabernet Sauvignon affected the overall taste, but I enjoyed it and loved all of the little punches from each different note. One thing I could say for sure is this Argentinian wine would stand up well against any burger I could imagine.

And here’s what came to fruition – A rare burger (well seasoned of course) with garlic-onion jam, chipotle mayo, lots of melted cheddar jack cheese, bacon, avocado, on top of a pretzel bun. Yee-haw my sisters and brothers, a complex burger for a complex wine! (And also big motivation and energy for my morning run.)

This was one delicious dinner and a reminder that you don’t always have to be “en vogue.” Yes, it is rosé reason. I get it. But, if you’re eating a burger or a steak, please feel free to open a bottle of red. Try the Amancaya Reserve Red Blend – you won’t be disappointed! On that same note, come February, let’s all pop a little bit of that pink wine and complain about how much we miss the summer.




Thank you to Post Road Liquors, 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for recommending we throw back a little red in the summertime, as well as their expertise!

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