Are you dedicated to your workouts, yet aren’t meeting your goals? Wellness expert, Jessica Diaz, has some great advice on how to approach fitness routines for maximum benefits. 

Health and Wellness Expert Jessica Diaz

I see it so often, clients who exercise regularly frustrated because they aren’t seeing results. I have a simple strategy for success – embrace a mindful approach to one’s fitness routines.


We don’t eat the same foods every single day, year after year, so why do people follow the exact same fitness routine? These well-intentioned static workouts might work against you. Balancing successful and demanding careers, with family and social lives, is already stressful. On top of those strains, people then scramble to fit in workouts and push their bodies through intense routines. This constant stress perpetuates a “fight or flight” state, which causes increases in cortisol levels. Over time this can increase weight gain and fat storage. This is the opposite of what we want from exercise!


By mindfulness, I mean to think about the workouts. I also encourage clients to apply the same type of balanced approach to eating to their fitness routines. Each day try to be aware of how you are feeling and match the intensity and type of exercises to what your body needs.

If you had a stressful day, maybe a yoga or meditation class would be best for you. Try skipping that extra hour of back and forth to a gym or studio, and streaming your workout at home, so you get to use that time for more sleep might be the best workout for you that day.

Save your intense workouts for the weekends, when you have fewer demands. to boost energy and therefore increase the results. 

I have seen in myself, and others transform physically, increase energy levels, and heighten the sense of joy towards exercise, just by shifting their fitness from routine driven to being more mindful about movement.

Barre Instructor Jessica Diaz and Daughter

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