Prepare and complete your makeup like a pro with MAC Prep + Prime Fix. Just like with a good paint job, a great makeup application starts with proper prep and then the finishing touches. This product completes both of those tasks and more!

 MAC Prep + Prime Fix

 MAC Prep + Prime Fix $26.00

We’re totally into any product that has multiple uses. MAC Prep + Prime Fix preps, hydrates, sets makeup, and provides a refresher for tired skin throughout the day.

If you’re going to put in the time to create a flawless makeup application, make it last!

How To Use

After your cleansing and moisturizing routine, mist the primer on your face. Not only will it create a nice canvas, but the gentle spray is very refreshing. Wait until your skin absorbs the minerals and then get to work!

After you’ve artfully printed on as many layers as your heart desires, mist again. Make sure it’s at least a foot away from your face. This will bind the final layer so it lasts throughout the day or your special event!

MAC tells us you can also mix the mist with eye shadows to increase/decrease the intensity of the color.


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