There was a time when Wednesdays were daunting, then, we met the kindhearted people at Boston Post Road Liquors in Wayland. They’ve been saving us from hump day (and endless snow days) by recommending a quality wine that won’t break the bank. This week, they’re saving us with a bottle of crisp Altanuta Pinot Grigio, which we enjoyed with a little cheese and crackers.

2016 Altanuta  Pinot Grigio


COST – $16.99

GRAPE – Pinot Grigio


REGION – Valdadige

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION –  Crisp citrus, creamy mouthfeel, dry finish, crowd-pleasing cocktail wine from the Valdadige region of Italy.

TASTING NOTES – Creamy with yellow fruit, dried apricot, to which spicy, herbaceous notes mingle. It has a solid ripe acidity structure, which makes it lively and refreshing, with a long finish.


We just can’t help but check out the design of each bottle before we open it; call it a fashion-lover’s habit. This pinot grigio passed the test with a nice clean label with the edges embossed as clouds. But it was the fun capsule of a bright blue sky and what we think are cumulous clouds that caught our attention. Given the clouds and a name that sounds a lot like altitude, we started to suspect there was a deeper meaning. Well, call us Columbo, because we were right! These grapes are born at a very high altitude, and practically kiss the clouds in the sky.

The grapes for this elegant pinot grigio are cultivated while clinging to the side of the Italian Alpes. The family who produces the wine has been doing so for over a century and understands just what is needed to craft this wine. Perhaps it’s the cool mountain air that gives this wine such a crisp and clean flavor, the type of wine that is perfect for a sunny day.

The light acidity in pinot grigios match perfectly with a nice light white fish. But, since the Altanuta Pinot Grigio is also a great aperitif, we thought we’d pair it with cheese and crackers. Instead of the usual cheese plate, we went with a ricotta cheese. We did this for two reasons, the first is that pinot grigio actually pairs best with fresh mild cheeses. The same acidity that makes it great with a nice light fish acts as a palate cleanser for mild fresh soft cheeses – think burrata, chevre, feta, and… Ricotta! The second reason we chose ricotta is that it is a spring cheese. The er um, fertility, of cows, goats, and sheep in the spring increases their milk production as they spend more time grazing. Here’s another fun fact, the fresh spring grass also creates a richer milk. Anyhow, sorry for the digression. The point is ricotta is definitely a spring cheese, and one that goes perfectly with this wine.

We plopped the ricotta on a nice sea salted baked cracker. We then twisted a little pepper on top too. Now we were ready for the Altunuta Pinot Grigio!

So, what did we notice upon our first sip of the Altanuta Pinot Grigio? Definitely the bright flavor, and almost an effervescence. Don’t let the glass in our photos fool you though, those aren’t bubbles, it’s just a hand-decorated design on the glass. This wine had an almost surprising citrus flavor. One bit of advice, you definitely want to thoroughly chill this baby!

This entire thing really worked. It’s the perfect combo to enjoy with guests while you await dinner’s final preparation. The next time we enjoy Altanuta Pinot Grigio we’re going to try it with broiled halibut with a splash of lemon and herbs on the fish. There’s something about this wine that tastes healthy. Guess it must be that fresh mountain air. 😉

Thank you to Post Road Liquors 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for supplying this crisp pinot grigio as well as their expertise!

Stop in to experience the first class service and selection. You can also find the same excellent services at their other locations, as follows:

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