Saraina Hernandez is a true role model. Upon our first meeting, we knew we had found the perfect candidate for our planned video project with the long-term facial filler Bellafill and Dr. Joseph P. Russo’s Cosmetic Center. Saraina is the type of young woman society needs to meet, especially young girls! This was our chance not only to introduce the world to one of those rare people who should be celebrated but also to give back to Saraina for all that she is and does.

So who is Saraina Hernadez? Watch our video and get to know this exceptional young woman.

Photos of Before and After Dr. Joseph Russo Used Bellafill

As you just watched, Saraina is a strong woman, working full time and a single mother to a five-year-old little girl. Sariana is also a smart woman. She has been going back to school for her Master’s Degree (and getting straight A’s!) Lastly, Sariana is a very caring woman. In what little spare time she has, she and a friend run a small group for young ladies called The Power of You. Together, they help to build the girls’ self-esteem and to overcome personal challenges.

Saraina is beautiful to the core. However, sometimes, the way we feel about ourselves on the outside affects that core confidence. As you just saw, as a teenager, Saraina had severe acne. During a time when fitting in is already challenging, Saraina withdrew from her peers. After the acne subsided, she was left with scars. Acne scars are real scars and can also be a painful reminder about a painful time of life. Even though she is such a strong and hard-working woman, those acne scars often made her feel insecure.

Having the opportunity to work with Bellafill and Dr. Russo to improve Saraina’s scars and then treating her to a day just for her was such a unique experience. The best part is that Saraina is more beautiful than ever, and not because of anything on the outside. She’s so beautiful because she has the confidence to let her inner beauty shine.

A Special Thank You to Dr. Joseph Russo, Bellafill, Ashley Mason and Salon Capri, and the Oak Long Bar

And an extra big thanks to the video styling of Samuel Saks

We hope you’ll enjoy photos of Saraina’s journey. We wish her the very best.

Good Luck Saraina! We know you’ll find success in whatever you do! Thank you for being such an inspiration!