Post Road Liquors, gave us an important little reminder by recommending Domaine Cheveau Saint-Amour La Villa Violette. Like a beautiful flower, wine is meant to be enjoyed, not over-analyzed.

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 Domaine Cheveau Saint-Amour La Villa Violette


COST – $24.99

GRAPE – Gamay

COUNTRY – France

REGION – Burgandy

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – Loaded with current and dark berry, subtle anise flavors too. Made from 70+-year-old vines. Cru Beaujolais leather, purple fruit, and licorice

TASTING NOTES – Deep color and structure, explosive fresh fruit, and firm tannins; yet it does present a bit fresher and more youthful on the palate.


Sometimes we wine drinkers get a little caught up in all the hubbub around wine. What is in the nose? How about the different notes? Oh goodness, with what to pair this gift from the gods? Some even dub themselves “wine snobs.” Why anyone would want to be a snob of any sort is beyond me. Come on, let’s be honest, we drink wine because it’s fun and tastes oh so good! One can still enjoy all of the different aspects of a wine tasting, while also still having a little fun. There’s no shame in letting loose!

This week, I enjoyed Post Road Liquors recommendation of a bottle of Domaine Cheveau Saint-Amour La Villa Violette. I gazed at the beautiful purple label, wondering what to pair with this pretty Gamay varietal (generally of the famed Beaujolais). This hearty grape, which is supposed to taste somewhat like a Pinot Noir (although, I found it a little more earthy than a Pinot Noir) is notorious for its versatility. Yet, I was still stressing. So, I poured myself a glass, contemplation about the pairing heavy on my brain, while I made my boys dinner.

I’m not very proud of the dinner, but they begged for it – pigs in a blanket. The wine sat for a bit while I rolled the hotdogs into dough. (Does it matter if they were organic hotdogs?)

I took a few more sips. Yummy. Deep flavors rolled over my tongue. I poured a little more and enjoyed it with one of those wrapped-up little piggies. But, because I’m an adult, I put bacon ketchup on the side. The Domaine Cheveau Saint-Amour La Villa Violette really does pair with anything!

When the kids went to bed, I decided to forgo an official pairing. Instead, I snuggled up with that bottle and enjoyed another glass. I loved it! I forgot how great it is to relax and drink a little bit of red wine. It doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously!

Wine is made to be enjoyed, savored, and loved; not scrutinized! This Wine Wednesday, let’s go with the metaphor that wines are like a flower garden. Take a few mental notes, but then just let yourself relax and indulge.

But, if you do want a little bit of seriousness, here you go – this wine is an excellent value for the quality. French royalty once outlawed Gamay grapes because they were so easy to grow. They started to take up prime real estate where the challenging Pinot Noir could flourish. But, the variety eventually pulled through its legal battles and has been able to plant its roots once again in the Burgandy soil (among many other places).

This particular wine, the Domaine Cheveau Saint-Amour La Villa Violette, is hand-picked and lovingly put together, just like a beautiful garden bouquet. Yes, stop and smell the wine, but then, go for it and enjoy the heck out of it. 😉

PS- Don’t take yourself too seriously.


Thank you to Post Road Liquors, 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for supplying this enjoyable Domaine Cheveau Saint-Amour La Villa Violette, as well as their expertise!

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