Royal Wedding


As I set my alarm the night before the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it never occurred to me the magnitude of what this Royal Wedding would mean in regards to our journey with love.

I sat in front of the tv, and I realized that the Royal Family teaches us so much. Fairy tales do come true, and they can happen the second time around.

First, let me start with Prince Charles. I remember growing up hearing rumors of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. This woman who owned his heart so completely that even the most memorable princess of all time couldn’t win it back. If only they had recognized how perfect their love for each other was in 1971 when they first met, they could have avoided all sorts of scandal, extramarital affair, divorce, and a lot of heartbreak.

However, that’s not how the best love stories go, and that is indeed not how we can learn about love. True love, twin flame love, soulmate love, is never a perfect road. This is what makes it so unique. It is heartwarming and inspiring to see the Queen of England give her blessing to her son and recognized that Camilla lives in his heart. The lesson we can all learn is love is never wrong. Love in a romantic sense and also love as a human being. To allow someone to follow their hearts even in the wake of a scandal, divorce, and bad decisions. To put the past behind us and to give each other permission to move forward and live our fairy tale. The Queen, Prince Charles, and countless others of the Royal Family did just that for Prince Harry. They allowed Meghan Markle to move forward away from her past and into Prince Harry’s heart. By doing that they taught us a valuable life lesson. A lesson preached to us from the pulpit during the Royal Ceremony.

“There is power in love, don’t underestimate it.” – Rev. Michael Curry

So many of us let people who are small-minded, judgemental, chronically unhappy, and bitter keep us tangled in our past. In the absence of a Queen Elizabeth, we must be strong enough to permit ourselves to move forward in love. We have to recognize our humanity and the fact that we are here to grow and learn and live freely. If your fairy tale comes on the heels of a wrong decision, learn from the Royals. Stand up, brush yourself off, and know you are worthy of everything your heart desires. If you know someone or love someone who is struggling to move forward, give them your blessing. Help them along. Remember LOVE is never wrong.


Kimberly XO