1. You’ve built quite a solid reputation as one of Boston’s go-to concierge services, Kotseas Concierge. What sets you apart and has helped you establish your trusted business.

Thank you! What we strive for is quality attention to every tiny detail and proactive thinking to bring joy and happiness to each of the households we work alongside. Whether it’s a family member’s birthday or a vendor payment deadline, we offer a unique menu of services that encompasses quite literally anything that needs to be accomplished to run a seamless household operation.

2. Your services have become invaluable to some during this time of lockdown. What has been one of the most touching ways someone has used your concierge during the quarantine?

We have a client who unfortunately lost a good friend of his in college. Every year on Mother’s Day, he delivers flowers to his late friend’s mother with a sweet note to remind her she isn’t in this alone, especially during this time when everyone feels a bit more isolated. We were honored to have made and hand-delivered the arrangement to her doorstep. Our client sent us the thank you note he received from the mother, and it was one of the most touching messages I have seen during this pandemic. 

3. What measures are you taking to mitigate the risk of Covid-19? 

We take the recommendations of the CDC seriously. Whenever using vendors or entering homes, we wear a mask and gloves, hand wash frequently, and wipe down touched surfaces. We’ve also been able to adjust our business to provide the same level of service to our clients, but so that we fit into the new normal. For example, some of the tasks we’ve been handling are sending families who have fled to summer home supplies they need, arranging homemade meals by private chefs to those who need to avoid grocery stores, setting up home gyms and virtual training sessions, organizing surprise remote birthday parties, coordinating virtual wine tastings and food pairings, escalated vendor management, sending care packages “just because” on behalf of our clients, and the list goes on! If there is a need, we are able to address it and safely.

A romantic Indian dinner set up by Kotseas Concierge for clieants who had to cancel their vacation to India.

4. Knowing when to delegate is a big part of success. How can business professionals leverage your services?

Both business professionals and those who are in charge of maintaining a household can benefit from our services.  When first meeting a new client, we have a discovery session where we ask A LOT of questions. We want to get into the nitty-gritty of people’s day-to-day to offer our best recommendation for alleviating their biggest pain points. And their smaller ones too!

Christina setting up a backyard soiree for a client.

Often they don’t realize certain tasks can be easily delegated to us like planning their child’s birthday party, gathering names and addresses for holiday cards, attaining quotes for new windows, car maintenance services, and the list goes on!  Only by sitting down with them can we both learn how to best set them up for success and give them more time in their day.

5. Now that things are reopening, what is the first thing you planned to do?

The thought of sitting outside at a restaurant and catching up with my girlfriends sounds divine!

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Christina Kotseas of Kotseas Concierge

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