Headbands for Heroes

This Wednesday and every Wednesday we’re totally crushing on “Bravery Brand” entrepreneur and owner of “The Cue” boutique, Lindsay Tia.

You may recall our profile on this handbag designer who showed her “girl boss” potential at a tween and put it into action when other kids her age were still trying to figure out life. Not only did she create a successful line, but one that also benefited U.S. Troops and encouraged a patriotic attitude.

During the COVID Lockdown, Lindsay showed us her big heart again after learning that COVID-19 face masks were causing pain and rashes on nurses who must wear them for extended periods. The handbag designer pulled out her trusty sewing machine and got to work with @HeadBandsForHeroes. These simple headbands help protect frontline workers from the irritation masks can cause. The simple solution- connecting the face masks to buttons on the headbands. In only the past few months, Lindsay has helped to sew and deliver 8,000 headbands to cover 16,000 ears! 

Watch a video about the endeavor HERE and help to support the cause by going HERE.