When we first started these Wine Wednesday posts, we wanted to present you with wine that had value. And, by value, we mean getting bang for your buck. We wanted to bring you liquid gems of prized wine at a reasonable price.  Post Road Liquors has helped us to achieve this goal regularly. This Wine Wednesday they are over-achieving with a jaw-dropping Sauvignon Blanc for a mere $10.50. Yes, you can pick your jaws up of the floor too, especially after you taste the Kono Sauvignon Blanc.

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2017 Kono Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

COST – $10.50

GRAPE – Sauvignon Blanc

COUNTRY – New Zealand

REGION – Marlborough

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – the true sign of a well-made New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is in the aroma; this smells like the dank air right before a massive thunderstorm. It was gushing with flavors of green grapes, grapefruit, mango and freshly blanched snap peas. The acidity was vibrant and persistent as you would expect from a Kiwi Sauvignon with notes of salty minerality which makes it impossible not to keep sipping it.

TASTING NOTES – A brilliant pale green in the glass, this pure and bright Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has a vibrant fruit driven nose bursting with citrus fruits and passionfruit. On the palate luscious fruit flavors of ripe tropical fruits and lifted herbaceous notes are finely balanced with zesty acidity, an underlying minerality, and just a hint of residual sweetness. Juicy, crisp and fresh this wine leads to a long and dry, persistent finish.


This wine is so good it glows. Actually, before I knew the price, that is what I noticed about the wine. A captivating crystal pale green radiates from within the bottle. It made me want to sneak onto Spectacle Island and pour a glass while I hunted for perfectly rounded pieces of treasured sea glass. The blades of sea glass on the front didn’t help my burning desire to drink it on the beach.

But, I had saved this attractive bottle of Kono Sauvignon Blanc for dinner. So, the beach would have to be another day. My understanding is that New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs go well with citrus/garlic-driven seafood. I took that advice but flipped it a bit by adding mint and saffron. You can find more details on this yummy recipe right HERE. But first, let’s talk about this wine.

Would you think I’m a lush if I told you I drank the entire bottle? Now, to clarify this was over the span of several hours on a rainy evening while cooking and writing. So, I feel like I should get some reprieve for the indulgence. But also, it was that good I didn’t notice, but I was sad when it was gone. Plus, as a whiskey and Tequila lover, a few glasses of wine doesn’t scare my Irish blood.

The color of the wine in the glass was just as pretty and inviting as in the bottle. As I put the glass up to my mouth, I smelled what my brain already anticipated, a brisk, clean cut grass smell with a little bit of fruit. The Kono Sauvignon Blanc is a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.


What I tasted was a light citrus flavor followed by crisp minerality. There was just a hint of sweetness, but nothing that lingered on the finish. Being a typical Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, it went perfectly with my shrimp in a garlic, mint, citrus, and saffron cream sauce.

The Kono Sauvignon Blanc was the perfect wine to enjoy while I whipped up dinner, sipped with dinner, and then post-dinner relaxation (after the kiddos were tucked neatly into their beds.) The next time I buy this bargain basement wine, it will be in bulk. And I will enjoy it on the beach, with friends, lots of laughter, and future memories.


Thank you to Post Road Liquors, 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for recommending we celebrate the 4th of July with this bargain-basement, high-quality Sauvignon Blanc, as well as their expertise!

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