Looking for a quick fix to the winter-skin-woes? We have a few products to energize your beauty routine and bring back that healthy glow that often gets zapped by the winter weather and dry indoor heat.


Keeping your face clean is the foundation of healthy skin. However, in the winter, you might need to try a different approach to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. We love Beauty Counter’s Cleaning Balm. The thick pomade-like consistency imparts a nice barrier of silky moisturizer to your skin. The best part about this balm is it is multi-purpose: use it as an overnight mask, a thin layer to clean your skin, or you can even dab it on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose after makeup application as a highlighter. No matter how you use it, you’ll love the way it gets into a fisticuffs with old man winter, and wins!


Oh, the winter rose, a sign of beauty and a sign of hope. Well, Laura Mercier’s Infusion De Rose Nourishing Oil brings both hope and beauty to our skin during these cold and short days. Skin quickly absorbs the delicately scented oil, replenishing lost moisture and imparting a healthy glow. Laura Mercier recommends even trying it on the ends of dry tresses. No matter what, you can always find this oil in our skin care bag!


At night, we smear Vaseline all over our lips to protect them against the dry heat. But, just a few minutes outside on a chilly and windy day and any signs of plumpness is quickly replaced with a dry and cracked kisser. So, how do we repair our papery chapped lips? Very simple, exfoliate and moisturize with Sara Happ Lip Scrub. The only problem is if you were the type of kid who would eat your Bonnie Bell lip gloss, you might be in trouble. This sugar scrub is ri-dic-u-lous. Flavors like creme brulee and sparkling peach guarantee this product a spot in your beauty lineup, and potentially as desert. (Just kidding) Do you need more motivation to try this product? Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this scrub will keep your pucker in perfect shape! 😉


They eyes have it – or at least they should! But in the winter, we find the windows into our soul aren’t as clear as we would like. The delicate skin around the eyes is one of the first areas to show the signs of cold air and forced air heat. But, we have a secret! Farmacy Eye Dew Total Eye Cream gives eyes a nice dewy glow. Besides the surface glow, this vitamin rich cream waves its magic wand to go deeper by reducing dark circles, repairing elasticity, and brightening the entire area. Hello! We’re sold. 🙂


If you don’t have it, fake it – right? Why not. Bobbi Brown’s Illuminating Balm is a spectacular moisturizer that also gives the gift of a little bit of light-reflecting shimmer onto our skin. That shimmer gives an an all-day-long glow that will have everyone stopping and asking where you had your last facial. Say good-bye to tired skin and hello to revitalized and moisturized skin!


Okay, so you might not see them that often under your thick socks and winter boots. But, just because it isn’t flip-flop season doesn’t mean you should neglect your feet. Kamea G Exfoliating Foot Scrub will keep your cute little tootsies refreshed and ready for public viewing. A glycolic cream, this miracle worker will scoff away any dead and scaly skin to reveal fresh and healthy feet. Before you know it, we’ll be sliding our footsies into open-toe sandals. So, why not say ahead of the game and keep them conditioned!

Well, there you go! A few quick products to help bring back a healthy glow to our parched winter skin. Do you have a favorite product you like to use? We’d love to learn about it! Please add your recommendations to the comments section!


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