Top Blushes

Want a natural flush, but don’t feel like pinching your cheeks every five minutes or guzzling red wine to achieve a girlish rosy glow?

Here are five different top blushes, all in different formulas, to create natural flushed cheeks. But please, keep going with the red wine. Just don’t chug it. 😉

 Stila Convertible Color

Convertible Color $25.00

We’ve been in love with these creamy little compacts of color for seemingly decades. Stila Convertible Color not only holds it’s own as a natural-looking cream blush, but it also does double duty as lip color. Choose from 11 different colors to impart a translucent and moisturizing hue to your cheeks. Keep it in your purse for on-the-go color fixes. Trust us, this little compact will earn its keep!.

NARS Orgasm Powder Blush

Orgasm Blush $30.00

Someone at NARS was a marketing genius. Hmmm, what do we name a blush that looks good on everyone? What else looks good on everyone? Hmmm, love? You get the point… But, if you’re a make-up junkie, then you are no stranger to the magic of orgasm. With a slight shimmer, NARS Orgasm Blush blends well on any skin tone. So well, that NARS turned the shade into lip gloss, cream blush, and so on. Hey, everyone wants an orgasm- right?

Benefit PosieTint Lip & Cheek Stain

Posie Tint $30

If you’ve never tried a cheek stain, benefit makes the holy grail of the liquid blusher with their benetint. Also a double-shifter, covering both cheeks and lips, this color lasts for hours and gives you a natural flush, like you just finished a killer game of spin the bottle. There are a few different colors, but lately, we’ve really been into the peachy and sassy look of the posie tint.


Shimmer Blush $30

Let your inner beauty shine with Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Blush. First with her shimmer bricks, Bobbi has become sort of the sparkle expert. This shimmer isn’t cheesy and it lasts! This powder color goes on smooth and silky and with an undeniable glow!

Tarte Flush Cheek Stain


Cheek Stain $21

Tarte’s award-winning cheek stain not only lasts, but is easy to apply. Simply dot onto your cheeks and then rub in, just like a moisturizer, concentrating on the apples of your cheeks. according to Tarte, the natural and light coverage lasts 12 hours! In five cleverly-named shades, you’ll find the blush that is just right for you! 😉


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