Do you see this picture? Do you know what it is? It’s the giant snow mound at the Natick Mall. I know about it because my late husband used to make me pay it an annual visit. One year, against my protest, he insisted on climbing to the top and then proceeded to jump up and down to demonstrate how safe it was. He would have been king of the mountain this year for sure!

This morning we all awoke to a touch more snow, finally unfazed by its presence. And looking at the long-term forecast; it doesn’t seem like there are any doozies headed toward us. Which is great, because I really only want to see snow if I have skis on my feet and am on a mountain.

But, it wasn’t always this way. That first blizzard – Juno – was a true joy. I really mean it! Our little part of the world closed down for a day, rejoicing in the snow holiday. Personally, it was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Emails stopped, no phones rang, no moves to worry about. Just my boys and I snow swimming, and a warm fire topped off with a glass of wine. Back then, I actually LOVED shoveling, counting each calorie with each toss of snow. I was sure to lunge with each hoe and engage my core with each heave. Now when I shovel, I hope my kids’ hats are tight enough so they can’t hear the curse words falling out of my mouth. On January 27th, I made a promise to my arborvitaes to keep them standing tall. Now, it’s every person, animal, and plant for themselves!

During those first few storms, keeping a clear path in case of an emergency was my priority. My new emergency exit strategy? Throw the kids out the second-floor window and hope they land like Anna and Kristoff. But now, after a record-breaking snowfall, we New Englanders are done.

In the first Facebook snow photos, parents and children had ear-to-ear grins gawking at over 36 inches of snow. Now in those FB photos, the kids are barely visible, but one can clearly see a flask hanging out of mom or pop’s parker, as they stress about how to work from home during all of these canceled school days.

And this snow is more than a menace- car accidents, damaged property, lost revenue. If it snows, I don’t make money, my employees don’t make money. This is true for so many others. And now, we finally have confirmation that the MBTA is inept.

But still, even though it has been called a catastrophic winter, we have been a wee bit whiny for New Englanders, and I’m including myself. We’re supposed to be tough to the core- aren’t we? I mean c’mon- look at Syracuse! That lake effect thing has them in a perpetual snowstorm, averaging about 100 inches per year. Sure, it is spread out, but they handle it. Every. Single. Year. Hell, kids line up to go to school there!

Maybe it’s just that we New Englanders love our sarcasm. We all like to complain using our wit, and there have been hilarious postings and articles. Bravo Boston; you’ve still got it! But what about Boston Strong? We’re tough- right? Let’s not let snow be the thing that breaks us.

Tax us without asking our opinion? Bam! We throw tea into the Boston Harbor and instigate a freedom winning revolution!

Try to destroy one of our most sacred athletic days with evil and prejudice? Bam! We get you and then only come back stronger next year!

Call our beloved football team cheaters? Bam! They kick A$# and win Super Bowl 49!

Dump 100 inches of snow on us? Wah! We want summer! Where’s the bam? Remember Syracuse?

Snowy streets prevent me from wearing these new fabulous shoes out on the town? Charlotte Olympia Bam! I wear fuzzy Uggs on the street and change in the bar.

A positive attitude is one of our strongest survival tools. And doesn’t every cloud have a silver lining? Even the ones that don’t stop snowing? So, where’s the silver lining in the winter of 2015? Well, for one, major crimes in Boston are down by 34%! Besides the decrease in crime neighborly acts of kindness seem to be on the upswing. The next silver lining we might not see for a few years, but it’s there.

This is the only 2015 we’ll ever have. We’re witnessing a historical winter! Just like the blizzard of “78”, we’ll look back at 2015, puff up our chests, and say, “Yah, I remember that year. We jumped into 14-foot snow banks and the Mayor told us we might be impaled by fallen icicles. But we did it anyway.” We’ll look back at all our photos with great pride. We’ll long for those younger days again. We made memories, and those are priceless!

We only live once, and the years only move faster. I’ve learned not to rush time because I don’t know when my clock will end. It can be hard when I’m stuck in the moment of trying to work and a Frisbee hits me in the head (hard I might add). But, sitting under a big blanket, with two cute little monkeys, sipping hot cocoa as the snow gently falls outside, or hearing them exclaim, “Look Mommy! Someone put glitter in the snow!” as the sun hits the newly fallen snowflakes, well, those are my silver linings.

And if that doesn’t work for you, let’s pick a date in late June, grab some lawn chairs, a cooler full of our favorite beverages, and go mock the Natick Mall snow pile. as the sun starts to dissolve that once boastful mountain. Because trust me, it will still be there.

Find your silver lining and make the most of the winter of 2015. Patron on shaved ice anyone?

Make it a good one!

Jess 🙂