Hello Mamas,

Have you read our last post about Jessica’s gown? Jasmine Couture created her gown especially for her. I cannot wait to see her in it on Sunday.

As for me, well…it was difficult this year finding time to hunt for a dress. I searched online but did not find anything I liked. Rachel Zoe would not return my calls, so my twin 11-year-old boys got in on the hunt. Last Saturday after we left their pitching coach in Rhode Island I asked them if we could stop and look. I ended up finding the perfect dress, which cancelled out the migraine I had when we left Party Dress Express in Fall River. Let me paint a picture… two 11-year-old, pre-pubescent boys in a massive Bridal Salon. Giggling at the mannequins, wrestling in the aisle, in between them pulling dresses they thought I would look great in. They would have nailed it if I was 19-years-old or 70-years-old. Fast forward to “the dress”. I couldn’t zip it but I loved it. I came out of the fitting room to Ooo’s and Ahhh’s and two little heads popped up from the couch and said “you can see your boobs mom!” followed by their laughter and the ladies in the salon. I thought it was back to the aisles to look at more dresses and endure more wrestling on the carpet when one of the sales girls said she could order my size. I told her I would need it by next Saturday the latest and it was a gamble if it would even fit when it got it. Well, they had it and I already knew I would take the risk. The sales girl asked if the boys approved and they said yes! Following my son Dylon asking her “do you grow when you fart?” smooth Dylon….

I can’t make this stuff up.

Well, there will be a happy ending and it comes with no fairy godmothers and no strings attached. Come Sunday Jessica and I will be sipping champagne sans children. Praise Jesus! A much deserved night out and night of Glamour. I think it is so important to take some time to get out with friends, socialize and have adult fun. For these Mamas it’s putting on gowns, feeling pretty and walking the Red Carpet for a great cause.

Sneak peek of “the dress” by Jovani…

I will be the Mama in Red! 😉