Designer Raquel Fauza ( has been creating versatile lines of exclusive jewelry collections since 2007. Originally handcrafting custom pieces in 18k white or yellow gold with precious and semi-precious gemstones for a variety of uses, her pieces have evolved into items with highly personalized significance to the owner. Her Speak To Me Collection, for example, constitutes true means of externalizing one’s memories in wearable art. She can transform the exact handwriting, drawing, or any kind of meaningful icon originating from the very hands of loved ones or yourself into beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind masterpieces of jewelry.

Indeed, Raquel Fauza has brought jewelry personalization to a whole new level – precisely hand-tooling one piece at a time, without a stamp or a mold, preventing reproduction and making it truly unique to you and yours alone.

  • Your children’s drawings can become pendants
  • A handwritten name can be crafted into a necklace
  • Loving messages from your grandchildren can be fashioned into bracelet charms shaped exactly like their own sketches
  • A teacher’s class gift can be created with all of her students’ handwritten names, placed within the individual hearts they’ve drawn
  • A first communion cross can include the young person’s initials in his/her own calligraphy
  • A Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift can be produced from any conceivable idea
  • A loving message can be immortalized in its own script
  • And so much more…

Her pieces perpetuate love and memories in authentically singular jewelry that defy time and will remain with you and yours for generations.

La Famiglia Collection is Raquel’s latest creation. This distinctive line reflects her deep family values, highlighting the healthy pride and significance of cultivating such ties at their fullest. The figures of boys and girls, made with gold and precious stones, can be transformed into unique pendants tailored so as to represent different families, appealing to mothers of all ages.

Philanthropy is a major component of the designer’s life and business model. Raquel has created collections exclusively for fundraising events, such as the Little Hearts Collection to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital League and a medical alert bracelet with 100% of the sales proceeds going to the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), among others.
Raquel’s pieces would make a memorable mother’s day treasure.
Raquel’s Speak To Me & La Famiglia Collections are sold exclusively at IMPULSE by Adamas Fine Jewelry