We’re always on the hunt for you, our hauties, from the very best products to the very best bargains! We’ve combined the two in our latest feature, Wine Wednesday.

Each week, the smarty pants over at Post Road Liquors on Rt. 20 in Wayland are sharing their knowledge about their best wines under $20.00. This is a feature you’ll want to follow! Seriously- have you seen what a glass of Chardonnay costs over at The Cheesecake Factory?

Up this week is a deeply hued Italian red table wine. What have we paired it with? Under the recommendations of our wine experts- pizza!

Gran Passione Rosso

COST – $14.98

GRAPE – 60% Merlot, 40% Corvina


REGION – Veneto

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – Perfect Italian table red for any occasion. Pairs well with pizza, red sauce, and priced to be a Monday night wine! Full, but extremely soft and silky.

TASTE/NOTES – Rich purple color, luscious nose full of sweet ripe dark cherry, plum, vanilla and Christmas spice. Nice balance between tannins and acidity. All in all – velvety red.

Tales From A Tasting

Before we even opened this bottle of red wine, we got all tingly just by reading the back label of the Gran Passione Rosso. We define The Haute Life, as living one’s life’s passion. That is the high life for sure! On the back of the label of this 2016 blend, “Passion is a powerful feeling, a compelling emotion. “Gran Passione” is exactly this, the expression and devotion to our work that honors the tradition of our land.”  Sold!

Besides being kindred spirits with the winemaker, we were also tickled to be tasting it with pizza. Now that’s fun, and easy! Make the pizza yourself and you have a night for well under 30 bucks. Which is a lot cheaper than how it will make you feel – like you’re sitting at a pizzeria in Venice, watching gondolas pass, and sipping the lovely Gran Passione Rosso.

Okay, passion, pizza, we’re totally into it. So, did it live up to our expectations?


Because we were being casual, we poured it into an easy stemless glass.

We immediately tasted berries and a little bit of spice. Everything was honestly so subtle and nice. (We really did not mean for that to rhyme, but considering how well-balanced this wine is, it works.)

We could drink Gran Passione Rosso at a pizzeria – All. Day. Long. It would also get along really well with grilled meats, red sauce, and hard cheeses. We think it would be even better served with friends, playing cards, and eating that homemade pizza! The point is, it goes down so nicely you’ll want to share! And at this price point, there aren’t any issues with that!

Perhaps it’s the passion that makes it so smooth or it could be the process by which it is made. It’s a unique technique typical of Northern Italy. The wine is made via “Apassimento.” This process of “drying and shriveling” the grapes is as ancient as the Roman ruins. The Corvina grapes are dried in the sun. The raisins are then fermented, creating this silky and down-for-anything red.

We’re totally digging it, and you should too! Head over to Post Road Liquors and pick up a bottle of this Italian beauty for your next pizza night!

Thank you to Post Road Liquors 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for supplying this classic bottle of Italian red, as well as their expertise!

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