Well, they did it again! The folks at the Ellie Fund threw another fantastic party! This time, it was for their annual Kelley for Ellie fashion show. Sadly, Kim, who has been a regular at the event, unexpectedly had to put on her Supermom cape for the night and couldn’t attend. Luckily for me, I had a fantastic stand-in, my friend, the lovely Miss Mazer. (By the way Allie, I am still having major shoe envy.)

Image2Hello? Bling + camo + rockstuds = major drool

The ladies of WCVB strutted their stuff on the runway for the ninth year! Former WCVB-TV Channel 5 News anchor, Susan Wornick, created the event to celebrate her colleague and friend Kelley Tuthill’s triumph against breast cancer and to raise money for the Ellie Fund. From their adorable banter, it was a little hard to figure out who was the straight man. (They are hilarious together.) But, what was easy to see is that the two women have not only chemistry but also, respect and affection for each other. That genuine love made the evening even more special!

Kelley & Susan

How special was the night? Well, if gorgeous fashions from Neiman Marcus, groovy dance moves by former NE Patriot Dan Koppen, tasty bites, and free flowing wine weren’t enough for you, then listen to this! The Mr. Tom Brady dropped by during the cocktail hour! Of course, with my superior luck, I somehow managed not to see him. But, what I did see were all of the beautiful women. And not beautiful just because of their attire. Beautiful because the smiles on their faces showed they were sincerely glad to be there supporting the Ellie Fund.

And why wouldn’t they be? The Ellie Fund helps to give breast cancer patients back some of the control that cancer can steal away from them. Helping these brave and strong woman was the reason for every smile that evening.

To top off the event, I was so excited to learn I won one of the door prizes! Seriously, I never win anything! Well, except on ebay…

But, I am now the proud owner of this gorgeous luxe jewelry package designed and hand-made by Boston-based designer April Soderstrom.

April Package



May 2014 - Urban Grape Trunk Show

I emailed the beautiful craftswoman to say thank you and asked her why she decided to make the donation, and she had this thoughtful response:

“It always warms my heart to the core to see how little acts of kindness can make a huge difference. The Ellie Fund is a perfect example of people working together to provide assistance with what may seem like a lot of little things, but added up it’s a mountain of relief for the woman fighting breast cancer and her family as well. There’s a bit of magic and a lot of inspiration in seeing people team up to each do a little something to create a giant impact.”

Right on April! The jewelry really is gorgeous. I’ve already worn the necklace and can’t wait to wear the earrings with a silky racer back tank and slicked back ponytail.

April Necklace

Check out her line at AprilSoderstrom.com. I’ve already found a few more pieces I think I’ll add to my late night, on-line shopping list. 🙂

Honestly, April said it perfectly. If we all donated to the Ellie Fund, when compiled, our small donations can make a big difference. Sometimes it can be hard to make a monetary donation. The fund also accepts donations from service organizations. For example, if you own a laundry service company, donate a month’s worth of laundry pick-up and delivery for a family. Writing from the experience of going through a cancer fight, sometimes it can be those simple everyday tasks that take you down. Fortunately, organizations like the Ellie Fund are helping to hold up these women. So, kudos to the Ellie Fund. Kudos to people like April Soderstrom who find ways to get involved. But, the biggest brava goes out to all of the brave women who are battling cancer right now. Keep on being amazing.


Jess 🙂