We’ve been curious about HydraFacials for a while; so when The Dr. Jospeph Russo Cosmetic Center suggested we try one of these high-tech facials, Jess eagerly raised her hand to give it a try.

The Hydrafacial

Lately, I’ve had some stubborn flaky skin that short of using a Brillo pad I just can’t seem to beat. I’ve tried exfoliators and have taken to dumping facial oil on my cheeks at regular intervals. Besides growing scales on my face, I also feel like my skin matches the weather – dull and grey. Needless to say, I had a little bounce in my step knowing there might be a solution.

I took that bounce right into Dr. Russo’s office in Newton, where the lovely Lauren, an esthetician, and mother (to a 32-year-old man) greeted me. Say what? Lauren has a grown man as a son? I risked being intrusive and asked her age because she barely looks 40. Um, it turns out she’s in her late 50’s. If Lauren’s skin is an indication of the quality of skincare at Dr. Russo’s, I was in the right place for a little dermis revival!

The Lovely Lauren and Hydrafacial Machine

Lauren brought me to a quiet and calm room, illuminated by the gentle glow from the Hydrafacial machine. She immediately put me at ease by explaining the process.  The HydraFacial would not hurt. Even better, it’s completely customizable to each individual’s skin. So, I would get a treatment tailored just for me! We talked a little bit about my concerns- dryness, hyperpigmentation, and a few clogged pores.

While the HydraFacial can target numerous skin problems, including acne, fine lines, and texture, my customized facial would include a lymphatic drainage, a brightener, and a little salicylic acid to aid in extraction and “descaling” my face. After our thorough review of my concerns and her recommendations, it was time to get to business!

 Cleansing and Lymphatic Drainage

First, Lauren washed my face with a mild SkinMedica Cleanser.

Take a closer look at some of the hyperpigmentation and bumps on my forehead.

Next, she opened the lymph nodes in the chest by gently pushing and massaging. If you’re wondering why I have goop on my face, it’s a moisturizer to give the “lymph sucker” some slip.

After prepping the lymph system, Lauren then used the mild suction tube on my face. She started inward and then worked her way down my neck. (Remember, after this sort of treatment it’s important to keep yourself well-hydrated to help flush out the lymph fluid.)

Suction Tube and Moving of Excess Facial Fluid


I had been really excited for the de-puffing of my face, but the next step was the reason I was there – Desquamation! Need a glossary key for that word? We did too-  Desquamation is the peeling of the outermost layer of skin. Yay! No more scales! In this step, a solution flows to the tip of the HydraFacial wand. In a dual process, the solution is placed on the skin, while a vacuum then sucks away the clogged pores and dead skin cells.

HydraFacial Wand

Here is where the HydraFacial beats the regular old run-of-the-mill extraction. No one is squeezing blackheads or putting pressure on your precious skin. This helps to avoid redness and even potential scarring. Not only does the Hydrafacial avoid the archaic means of pinching out clogged pores, but it also does a better job!

Before Lauren started using this magic exfoliating wand, she took a good look at my skin under a magnifying glass to make sure she knew just where to target for extractions.

I loved the cooling eye pads. I may have dozed off while she inspected my skin. 😉

After looking at my skin up close, she decided to add a little salicylic acid to help with the overall congestion of my skin. Keep in mind, there are lots of different “boosts” that can go into the HydraFacial. It just depends on your own skin type.

Targeted Treatment

After sucking out all of the “yuck” from my pores and washing away dead skin cells, it was time for a boost! Because of a few spots of hyperpigmentation (otherwise known as age spots 🙁 ), Lauren added Britenol to my treatment serum. Antioxidants and herbal extracts would also help to calm my skin.

Light Therapy

The HydraFacial definitely has a light at the end of the tunnel for problem skin. 😉 The treatment is punctuated with a little LED light therapy. A blue light is used to kill bacteria on those who are prone to acne. For my skin, Lauren chose the red light, which would help reduce redness.

She gently rubbed the warm wand for four minutes over each quadrant of my face. This part of the treatment was also very relaxing.

Moisturizer & Sun Screen

To complete the HydraFacial treatment, Lauren topped my skin with SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator. I really liked the silky feel of this product. And of course, being a good esthetician, she couldn’t let me leave without a sunscreen application! I felt like I was glowing already!

Lauren, being such a fun gal, let me take a peek at all the stuff that had been sucked out of my face. It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but there actually are bits and pieces floating in there. Goodbye scales, and hello glow!

After my treatment, I was a little red, but that didn’t last very long. After about 30 minutes, the redness went away, revealing fresh skin. Four days later it is still going strong! In fact, the Britenol really worked! Those pesky little spots are gone!

Lauren tells us that our skin cells turn over about every 28 to 30 days, so the HydraFacial is a perfect monthly treatment. She also said it’s very effective for treating back acne and is popular during wedding and prom season just for that reason. Hello, sexy backs! With no downtime, it’s also a great pre-event treatment.

Of course, Lauren reminds us that healthy skin is built from the inside. Eat healthy and fresh foods, drink plenty of water, don’t smoke, limit alcohol intake, and get that beauty rest! And if you happen to stay out a little late and enjoy a little too much cheese and vino, pay Lauren a visit!



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