Ever wonder where a museum might send a damaged painting or antiquities for restoration services? What about that broken vase that had been in your family for generations (until clumsy you received it)? We know of a special place in Newton where broken things are relinquished to the hands of careful artists, who then bring them back to life with through decades of knowledge and a little TLC.

For almost a century, Trefler’s, in Newton, has been acting as conservators not only of fine art and furniture but also as conservators of sentimental value. We were honored to take a tour of Trefler’s studios, along with super awesome guest host Janet Wu. Not only did we find fascinating pieces, but we found highly talented people who love what they do! And as you all know, that is right up our alley! Watch our latest video and take the tour with Janet and Jess and see the magic of restoration at Trefler’s!

A Tour of Trefler’s Restoration Services



Trefler’s – 29 Tower Road Newton, MA 02464 Office:  617 965 3388   E-mail: trefler@trefler.com

Thanks to Sam Saks for videography and Editing!