What’s your favorite food? Italian? French? How about Mexican? Ole! We’ve been planning our fiesta menu for quite some time with our “spirited” friend Mia Andrioli. Together, we devised not only Mexican Fiesta menu but also a tasting tour of the major types of Tequila. Watch our as Mia walks us through the differences of Blanco, Rosa, Anejo, and Reposado Tequila, plus the perfect food pairing for each.

The best part about our menu (all of the recipes you can find on The Haute Life) is it doesn’t have to live only the 5th of May. Let’s say Tequila is the new vodka and Mexican is the new Italian. We have created a go-to menu and cocktail selection for any time of the year!

One distinction between Tequila and vodka, the resulting nectar of the blue agave might have an advantage over vodka. Tequila comes in a wide-variety, based on the time and way its been aged. Watch and learn!

Tequila 101


Mexican Fiesta

Follow the links to access recipes to your very own Mexican Fiesta!

First Course

TEQUILA – Tequila Blanco

PAIRING – Oysters with a Spicy Mignonette

COCKTAIL – Spicy Paloma

Second Course

TEQUILA – Codigo 1530 Tequila Rosa

PAIRING – Grilled Shrimp



Third Course

TEQUILA – Casa Noble Reposado

PAIRING – Pork Carnitas

COCKTAIL – Rested Honeysuckle Margarita


TEQUILA – Casamigos Anejo

PAIRING – Dark Chocolate and Jasper Hill Harbison Cheese