Two daily rituals are precious- tea time and cocktail hour. Aren’t we lucky that the geniuses at J’enwey Tea Co. have found a way to combine both!

This Massachusetts-made boutique tea has found its way into premier locations across the country. With hand-blended flavors like kettle corn, black bacon, and orange sherbert, we understand why the Four Seasons, Wynn/Encore Las Vegas, and the Boston Park Plaza would go googly-eyed giving J’enwey Tea Co. control over the central teapot.

Besides innovative flavors, these teas are lovingly hand-made. Because of the beautiful character and aromatics, they have then been used in not only food recipes, but delightful cocktails.

For this glass of summer fun, the herbal cherry berry tea is made into a simple syrup. With the heavenly sweet flavor, J’enwey Tea Co. has blended Elyx Vodka and topped it with prosecco. But, we can see endless possibilities for the colder days. Perhaps a cherry berry winter warmer cocktail.

Who are we to rush father time? For now, we’re going to enjoy this fruity, yet herbal flavor as prescribed – with premium vodka and a few bubbles.

Cherry Berry Cocktail


  • 1 ounce of J’enwey Tea cherry berry iced tea simple syrup
  • 1 ounce of Absolut Elyx Vodka
  • Splash of your favorite prosecco


  1.  To make simple syrup:
    1. Blend 1 ounce of J’enwey Tea herbal cherry berry tea,  3 cup sugar, and 3 cup boiling water.
    2. Steep for 30 minutes.
  2. Over ice, shake 1 ounce of cherry berry simple syrup and 1 ounce of Absolut Elyx.
  3. Pour into a champagne flute and top with prosecco.
  4. Garnish with dried hibiscus flowers.

For a summer fancy large batch cocktail mix, keep the simple syrup and Elyx Vodka in a pitcher. Pour over crushed ice for guests and top with fresh prosecco. Now, there’s a berry good cocktail. 😉

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