Bailly Lapierre Pinot Noir Brut Crémant 

COST – $26.99

GRAPE – Pinot Noir

COUNTRY – France

REGION – Burgundy

TASTING NOTES – Bailly Lapierre regards this full-bodied rich Pinot Noir as its signature wine. It has a cool, northern feel to it, but it also has powerful red-berry fruits, a firm structure, a final layer of acidity, and a sense this is a wine as well as a Crémant.


Until recent years, I always assumed when adults were drinking bubbly alcohol out of flute glasses it was champagne. And, maybe for a time that was true. However, the sparkling wine category is now so much more than champagne.

From Prosecco to Cava to Cremant, Champagne isn’t the only bottle in town. To be a true Champagne, the wine must come from the Champagne region of France. And while this lovely bottle of Bailly Lapierre still comes from France, its bubbles are born in Bailly, Burgandy. It is also a Cremant.

Cremants used to refer to a type of sparkling wine that had a little less sparkle (or bubbles). Today that isn’t entirely true. Cremants are sparkling wines made outside of the Champagne region and from a variety of grapes. For example, this Brut Pinot Noir (Bailly Lapierre’s signature Cremant) is made from a red grape!

I loved the slight fruitiness with the dry finish. If you’re looking for great value for your holiday celebrations, grab a bottle (or two) of the Bailly Lapierre Pinot Noir Brut Crémant