We are very excited at The Haute Life; we may have found our new favorite sipping wine! This Wine Wednesday Post Road Liquors tipped us off to a Sauvignon Blanc that has us anxiously awaiting our next trip to our favorite neighborhood wine and liquor store. For all you ladies who pound bottle after bottle of Kim Crawford or Oyster Bay, pay attention! 

2016 Chateau Mille Anges Blanc

COST – $24.99

GRAPE – Sauvignon Blanc

COUNTRY – France

REGION – Bordeaux

POST ROAD’S DESCRIPTION – 100% sauvignon blanc from Bordeaux. A complex Sauvignon Blanc from old vines with notes of citrus and vanilla

TASTING NOTES – Superb nose, complex, full-bodied, the wine is ripe and fresh at the same time, showing intense flavors of exotic fruits, floral and mineral notes. The palate is similarly rich, with wonderful fruit aromas that persist on the lengthy finish, while preserving a delicious vivacity.


When Post Road Liquors told me they had a special wine exclusive only to their stores, I should have upped my expectations.

But, the label was sort of blase. So, I shrugged my shoulders and introduced the bottle of wine to the others hanging out in my wine cabinet. But, PRL’s comments about how this white Bordeaux was 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes floated to the front of my brain. Other wineries mix in Semillion, which can make the wine sweet. Hmmm. I pulled the bottle away from its new friends and gave it a second look.

I might not agree with the purple and green color scheme on the label, but the wine itself was a lovely, bright color. A lively and welcoming shade that had me thinking about the late afternoon sun and a fresh microgreens salad with goat cheese and pulled chicken.

I headed outside to enjoy that afternoon sun, take a few sips, and imagine the things to come with the longer days. Because the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are grown in Bordeaux, the wine is a white Bordeaux or Bordeaux Blanc. There’s a huge difference between the Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in the ever popular New Zealand and these French cuties. The 2016 Chateau Mille Anges Blanc tickled a totally different part of my taste buds. This white Bordeaux is definitely crisp with a bright flavor, but I also found it to be exceptionally mellow. I really picked up the vanilla notes and that soft flavor lingered after my first glass. Lately, I’ve found Sauv Blancs to be a little too tart. This wine offended me in no such way. It was super easy to drink and felt like an honest wine. 

The blend of soft vanilla and crisp fruit reminded me of the spring evening; a warm golden sun, yet crisp air mixing together. Inspired by that combination, I had a bit of fun photographing the wine outside and with the trees.

I shared one glass, and during dinner, a rambunctious little boy bumped a glass as we all chatted about our day. 🙁 I am 100% picking up a few more bottles of this easy wine. And because I’m such a good friend, I’m going to share it with all of my New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc-loving friends.


Thank you to Post Road Liquors, 44 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, for supplying this crave-worthy white Bordeaux, as well as their expertise!

Stop in to experience the first class service and selection. You can also find the same excellent services at their other locations, as follows:

Upper Falls Liquors
150 Needham Street
Newton, MA 02462
(617) 969-9200

 Needham Wine & Spirits
1257 Highland Avenue
Needham, MA 02492
(781) 449-1171

Auburndale Wine & Spirit
2102 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton, MA 02466
(617) 244-2772

TOODLES! Come back next Wednesday!