Throughout history, women have overcome incredible obstacles to achieve great things, breaking down barriers and paving the way for future generations. From architects to reporters to women who fight for others, women have made their mark in every field imaginable, defying expectations and challenging the status quo. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting a few inspiring magnetic women by sharing their stories and celebrating their achievements.

Meredith Gorman

As the world of sports reporting becomes increasingly diverse, more and more women are making a name for themselves in the industry. Among these is Meredith Gorman, a highly respected sports reporter with a passion for the game and a talent for storytelling. Meredith shares a bit about her journey of becoming a sports reporter and how she is giving back to the community.

Meredith Gorman
Sports Reporter, Meredith Gorman

1. As a woman, you have established sound footing in the world of sports reporting. Before the 1970s, women reporting on sports was pretty much unheard of. What women have gone before you inspired you to pursue a career in which women make up only 20% of the field?

MG: There have been countless women before me who have paved the way for other women like me. I am eternally grateful to all of the women who have reached out, given me advice, and helped me along the way in my career. There have been so many now. I hope to continue to pay it forward. The support has meant everything to me.

2. Looking forward to the next generation of young ladies eager to pursue a career in sports journalism, what have you learned from your experience that you would have found helpful on your journey?

MG: My biggest piece of advice is to say yes to every opportunity. When starting out in your career, you never know what an opportunity will bring. You’re never too big for any job; you never know what will come of it. Networking is crucial in every industry – and the sports industry is no exception. While I was a college student at Northeastern, I would go to my (unpaid) internship at a local Boston TV station after class a few times a week and then worked as a waitress on my other days off (after classes) so that I could buy my plane tickets to work the “SEC Game of the Week” football games down south on CBS Sports every weekend. I would fly down to these college towns every weekend to work as an assistant for the networks at the games. It was a big sacrifice and a bit of a risk, but it opened countless doors for me almost ten years ago! The contacts that I made back then helped me get my current job at NESN years later.

3. Besides your busy work schedule, you also have found time to give back to the community at large, namely by joining forces with The Community First Project and Team Impact. What is it about these charities that have attracted you, and how can we support you in your efforts? 

Meredith Gorman

MG: I found myself really craving “more” in my life and the desire to give back to the community. Giving back has helped to provide me with a sense of purpose. I really believe in the mission behind Team Impact and The Community First Project. I’ve had firsthand experience working around the different collegiate sports teams in the area and saw just how special the relationships are between the athletes and their Team Impact teammates. I think when you believe in the work of the charities that you support, the rest follows. I’m looking forward to continued and increased community involvement this year.

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