There couldn’t be a more American month than July. Backyard barbeques; red, white, and blue; fireworks and flags; and of course the 4th of July! This holiday week we’re getting a little misty-eyed as we celebrate the top ten reasons we’re proud to be American.

Being patriotic is haute!

Ryan Gosling

10. Ryan Gosling

Sure, he’s Canadian. But, he lives in California now. America’s melting pot at it’s finest!

Homer Burgers

9. Cheeseburgers 

Mmmmm, cheese-smothered, bacon-topped, aioli drenched burgers; A BBQ staple we couldn’t do without!

Church and State

8. Separation of Church and State

Everyone has the right to their own beliefs, God, Allah, Buddha, The Universe or none. And what’s more important, the government’s decisions must be based on what the voters want, not what any church doctrine dictates.

7. Our Legal System

We fully acknowledge, our legal system is far from perfect. But, it’s still the envy of countries across the globe, offering rights that many do not have. Come on folks, innocent until proven guilty? Right to an attorney? The right against unreasonable search and seizures? Recognize and be proud of how progressive and special these concepts are.

6. Right to Choose

As women, it’s important to know that other women have the right to choose, no matter what that decision might be.

5. Right to Criticize our Government

Here at The Haute Life, we’re 50% liberal and 50% conservative. And we love that we can say to each other what we think of the other’s politicians.

4. The American Dream

It’s still alive people. Pursue it hard!


3. Right to Vote

Voting is cool, and a right we should all execute. During any election, get out there and put your vote to use!

[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] Gay-rights activists gathered outside of the Supreme Court on the morning when the Court handed down its decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.

2. Right to Love – Overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act

Could there be any right more simple and pure? Besides the joy that comes from seeing love win, we love SCOTUS’s decision because it highlights the basic foundation of the Bill of Rights: protect the rights of the individual and a separation of church and state. Keep on lovin’ America!

Bill of rights

1. Freedom of Speech

Without it, we might not be here typing away. We chose freedom of speech as our number one reason we’re patriotic because it’s a fundamental right that drives innovation, change, and happiness. Freedom of speech made the bill of rights possible.

Be proud to be American and have a spectacular 4th of July!

Proud to Be American