We have different approaches to beauty. Kim takes a natural all-American approach. Jess loves glitter and shine in anything she can apply to her face. So, when we tasked ourselves with recommending lip color, we weren’t surprised to end up in a little bit of a beauty battle.

The good news is we ended up with two great options to fit anyone’s style – glam and easy going! First up, for you lovely ladies who are looking for a subdued entry into 2018, Kim has a silky smooth long-wear lip gloss.

Dose Of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick 

Kim is a lucky girl. Her gorgeous baby blues are show-stopping. Besides being a gal with killer eyes, she’s also a super busy supermom of four! These two factors lead her to search for products that are easy and that allow her bright blues to pop. She found that in Dose of Color Matte Liquid Lipstick in the color stone.

The liquid lipstick goes on velvety smooth. Within minutes it dries to a nice weightless finish. Kim says she doesn’t even know she’s wearing it until she catches a glimpse of herself in the review mirror driving the kids to the next sporting event. Better than not feeling icky and getting all over her teacup, The Does of Colors lipstick also lasts a long time! In fact, it was still on when she headed into an evening school meeting. Now, that’s a blog-worthy lipstick!

Lipsense Liquid Lip Color

Lipsense Liquid Lipcolor is not for the faint of heart. Jess loves a bright lip. But, bright lips have two problems. The first is the color fades quickly, leaving only a trace lining the lips. The second (for us older gals) is bright colors can “bleed” through the fine lines around our lips and onto our face. That’s not really an attractive look. 🙁

Lipsense stays put; no fading and no bleeding. The reason why it’s not for the makeup novice is there are a few steps to get this permi-gloss going.

  1. Lips need to be completely clean and dry before the color application.
  2. You will notice a tingly and dry sensation when applying the color.
  3. There is then a third step of applying the gloss.

If you can get over the ramp-up to non-stop color, this lipstick is ideal for anyone who works in front of the public. It’s also perfect for a long event when you don’t want to keep reapplying lipstick or see your lips’ imprint on every glass they touch.

Jess loved the strawberry shortcake shade. You will have to reapply the gloss every few hours. But, this liquid lip color lasts and stays put longer than any other she’s ever tried. It makes sense. 😉