Party Planning Tips

Five Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting At Home

Planning to host a dinner party or just having friends over for a little bit of fun? Here are five common mistakes to avoid to keep your guests entertained rather than heading for the door.

1. The Last Minute Scramble

Plan ahead; make sure that you set aside enough time to prep your food and setup in advance. This way, you can spend time with your guests as soon as they arrive.

2. Cooking With Too Many Pots/Pans, Bowls And Utensils

You don’t want to be rushing to cleanup before your guests arrive. Stand by door greeting guests, not over the sink!

3. Forgetting To Set The Tone

A cool playlist, candles and dimly lit lights go a long way.

4. Have Open Seating At The Dinner Tabl

Think about which of your guests would enjoy getting to know each other or catching up and seat them accordingly so that there is effortless conversation.

5. Don’t Overthink It

People love to come together for light and fun celebrations. Add some alcohol, good food, and music and everyone will enjoy themselves!

Julie W. Freed is Principal of Freed Events, a high-touch event agency – helping clients to strategize, visualize and realize their event goals. She produces a range of events, varying in size and scope, in the wedding, social, corporate and non-profit markets. Julie has been in the events industry since 2004 working for some of the leading events companies, including Rafanelli Events where she was the Event Director, producing the largest and most complex events for the firm’s top clientele. She left Rafanelli to launch The Conception Group as an extension of London-based events, marketing, and creative agency, emc3, where she remains as an Account Director and collaborator. Julie is known for her efficiency, authentic nature, love for logistics and most importantly, for building long-term, trusting relationships with her clients and event partners.