Next Sunday, “The Haute Mamas” will attend a marvelous event- The Ellie Fund Red Carpet Gala! All week long, we’ll have fun with fashion, Oscar chatter and so forth. But, as we indulge, we don’t want to forget the important cause the event supports: helping families in their fights against breast cancer.

Odds are cancer has affected either you, a friend, or loved one, with breast cancer being the most prevalent. If cancer has lived in your house, then you know how it multiplies the pressure and challenges of everyday life exponentially. The Ellie Fund helps to ease these everyday burdens, so patients and their families can focus on their health and spending time together.

We’ve both become far too familiar with cancer. We know too many women who have had to go up against this insidious disease. A few brave friends are currently in the battle right now, and it breaks our hearts. We’re glad to know such an amazing organization seeks to lessen the overwhelming stress breast cancer puts on a patient. The Ellie Fund helps women by providing seemingly simple things like transportation, housekeeping, groceries, and childcare; things that become priceless when a family is in crisis.

If you have been affected, or know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, we strongly urge you to consider donating money, services, or time to the fund. In the past, Haute Mamas have volunteered time and helped to raise awareness for the organization. We hope you’ll join us in the cause as well. It’s not too late to buy a ticket for next Sunday’s Gala! The Oscars may award the best in film for this year, but we think it’s the Ellie Fund who deserves the biggest award!

Kim & Jess XO

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