Looking to put some kick into your next cocktail hour? Look no further, we have the drink for you! Cucumber, lemon, and spicy pepper infused vodka blend perfectly with simply syrup and soda water. It’s hot, but surprisingly refreshing.

Sweet and spicy, this saucy little beverage came to us from a Nantucket restaurant by way of a few different friends passing along the recipe. We each improvised a little bit when we had the chance to mix it up at our bar. So feel free to do the same!


1. Vodka

NOTE: We used organic Crop tomato-flavored vodka and loved it!  One of our haute friends likes Tito’s, because it is gluten free. Feel free to use your favorite brand.

2. Spicy Pepper

NOTE: The original recipe calls for jalapeño-infused simply syrup instead of peppers infused into the vodka. But, we like it “haute”! One lass infused her vodka with scotch bonnet peppers. Yowza! Hot, but tasty. The market was out of those little devils when we went for our ingredients. So, we used habanero AND jalapeño.

2. Cucumber

3. Lemon

4. Sugar

5. Water


1. Find yourself a nice mason jar.

2. Quarter the lemon, slice the peppers of choice, and chop the cucumber into a few chunks and then put them into the jar.

NOTE: The quantity of fruits depends on the size of the mason jar. They should roughly fill a little less than quarter of the jar.

3. Fill the remaining space with vodka and screw on the lid. Stow it away in a cabinet or counter top.

4. Your infusion will be ready in 24 hours, but if you can wait 48, you’ll get much higher on the Scoville scale! 😉

5. In a pan, add a cup of water, a cup of sugar, and a handful of jalapeño slices. Bring to a boil and reduce slightly.

NOTE: If you can’t take the heat, use plan simple syrup. One of our other mixologists used stevia drops to sweeten the drink. This makes the drink seriously low-calorie for any hauties out there watching their waistlines.

6. Fill your cocktail glass of choice with ice, add vodka infusion, jalapeño simple syrup, and top with seltzer. Stir gently.

NOTE: Some of us liked the drink sweeter, and some of us liked it a little stiffer. So, feel free to change the proportions. Our “Haute” version of the cocktail was about 35% vodka, 30% simple syrup and 35% seltzer.

Have fun hitting this “sauce!”

Jess 🙂