Brrrr! There’s a definite chill in the air mamas! The smell of chimneys and the rustling of leaves mean one thing; it’s time to review our favorite fall fashion trends!


10. Electric Color

In our last fashion post, we talked about avoiding the rainbow bright trend. Too many bright colors in one ensemble won’t work. What can work is choosing one gorgeous bright and pairing it with neutrals. The 80’s are back, just a bit more refined. Try a bright yellow turtleneck, under a cream blazer, with navy pants. Or something like Kim has. The blue is not overpowering and controls the colors in the skirt nicely.

photo 1

9. Flares

Nothing is more fun than kicking around in falling leaves when you have a nice big flare! 🙂  Flared pants and jeans are very flattering on all body types. It helps to balance out those hips or add a curve to your body if you need some shape.


8. Textured Layers

Just like on a cake, layering fashion is fun and delicious! For the fall, we love it best with different textures. Here Kim was on point with the trend.  She wore tall leather boots, which contrast nicely with a flannel cape, and soft smooth materials as the base.  But, notice how she didn’t go crazy with different patterns. Let the fabrics do the talking! Try a silk blouse, cashmere cardigan, a soft neck wrap, and skinny jeans for a chic and cozy look that you can peel off after you end up in front of a nice fire.



7.Chunky Heels

Ahhhh, our feet are so thankful for the chunky heel trend! We still love our stilettos, but having a nice solid base underneath us feels great. These Prada boots, have a little bit of a platform to give a little extra height, while taking the pressure off our poor little arches.  The color is neutral enough that the boots can be paired with a number of different things. Also, check out the Rag and Bone flares. 🙂


6. Suede and Fringe

We’re loving the suede and fringe trend. The free spirit vibe is fantastic. Boots, purses, dresses, jackets, you name it and you can find it with fringe. One bit of advice, keep it simple like Kim did and don’t go overkill or someone might mistake you for Annie Oakley.  On the other hand, if you do, you’ll have a great Halloween costume for next year!

photo 2-8

5. Lace

Lace is definitely wearable into the fall. Delicate hems, see-through details on a shoulder, or a blouse under a blazer, a little Victorian edge is both sophisticated and sexy.


4. Chunky Knits

Sweater weather- it’s what we all crave after a summer of tanks and flip-flops. This year, we love seeing dimension in the sweaters. Snoods and neck scarfs can also add an element of depth to an otherwise flat sweater or shirt. Plus, they’re as cozy as kittens! Jess and Kim are having a great time in their chunky knits. Now all they need is a pub, cheese plate, and tall glass of wintery cabernet!



3. White, Creams & Neutral Tones

We all love winter whites, but as a couple of brunettes, we’re really into mixing winter whites and creams and other neutral tones together. A nice ivory sweater and camel riding pants with tall boots- LOVE! Here Jessica pairs waxed white jeans with grey riding boots and a soft and cuddly ice grey cashmere sweater. The soft neutral palattes are both soothing and fresh.


2. Leather

Grrrrr! Leather makes us feel like a couple of bad girls, and being bad is fun every now and then.  😉

We’ve missed our leather during the summer months. One thing is for sure, the second the temperature starts to dip, it becomes one of our favorites for the colder weather.

But, we also don’t want people to start handing us there wallets or avoiding eye contact. Too much leather can send the wrong message. So, when you slip into your leather leggings or moto jacket, be sure to couple it with something soft or sophisticated. Here, Jess has a respectable cashmere sweater with a pair of fabulous Akris leather pants.


1. Blazers

Coming in at Number 1, something that gets us excited pretty much every fall – blazers! The cuts may change through the decades, but the message stays the same. A blazer can be sexy, casual, or all business. A true wardrobe staple, we can never have too many! Kim mixes the blazer and layered look with this great Gap blazer.


We hope you like our fall fashion rundown. The best part- all of these styles are now on sale! From JC Penny, to TJ Max, to Intermix, and Neiman’s, you’ll be able to find these trends on any budget. Happy shopping. 🙂  Want to try out one of the trends, but need some advice on the style or where to find it? Feel free to send us an email at We’d be more than happy to send some suggestions!

Love, Kim & Jess XOXO