A National Tequila Day Cocktail

If you haven’t figured out yet, I don’t take my cocktails lightly. I want fresh ingredients and quality spirits. Oh, and fun, I want lots of fun with those cocktails!

Given Tequila ranks pretty high on my spirits podium, National Tequila Day has had me rubbing my hands together with giddy laughter for a while. And that was before I even HAD any Tequila. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the value of premium Tequila. It is a labor of love – a life’s passion. And that’s really what The Haute Life is all about, finding one’s life passion and living it. I recently discovered Tequila Codigo 1530, in particular, the Tequila Rosa, which is made by aging the Tequila in uncharred Cabernet French Oak Barrels. After tasting this soft spirit, I then learned the cool story behind this 100% Tequila. Codigo 1530 not only deserved a National Tequila Day cocktail that was pretty but also captured one of the essences of the summer season here in New England.

As I said, fresh ingredients are important to me, not just in food but in cocktails as well. Part of mixing fresh is using what is in season. Right now, we are in the height of peach perfection. Peaches in a summer cocktail make for a sweet and smooth drink. But, just because everything shouldn’t be perfectly smooth, I mixed some homemade habanero simple syrup into this Codigo 1530 Tequila Rosa cocktail to keep everyone’s taste buds on guard! The result – a sweet and saucy cocktail that will have you raising a glass to that beautiful spirit made from the blue agave. Also, you should definitely try this cocktail with our tuna ceviche recipe for a guaranteed olé!

The Saucy Peach


  • 2.5 Ounces Codigo 1530 Tequila Rosa
  • 1 Ounce homemade habanero simple syrup
  • 3.5 ounces of peach puree (you can make a peach puree by blending fresh or frozen peaches. When in a pinch, Goya has a great peach nectar you can use.)
  • Fresh peach slices for garnish


  1. Make homemade habanero simple syrup. This is incredibly easy. Just boil water, 2 habaneros, 2 cups of water, and two cups of sugar until it is vicious. Be careful not to burn! Also, don’t stand near the pot – the steam is sort of like pepper spray!
  2. Shake all ingredients over ice.
  3. Rim your favorite fat low-ball (or high-ball glass) with sugar.
  4. Strain over ice in the glass.
  5. Garnish with a couple of peach slices.
  6. Taste how this mellow Tequila makes a perfect cocktail!
  7. Cheers!

Tequila Codigo 1530 is now available at these Massachusetts Liquor Stores:

Dover Wine Company

  16 Springdale Ave

  Dover, mA 02030

The Wine Cellar of Stoneham

  85 Cedar St

  Stoneham, MA 02180

RWJ Beverage (Located In BJs)

  6 Hutchinson Dr

  Danvers, MA 01923

Hatches Package Store

  133 Orange St

  Nantucket, MA 02554

Gordon’s Liquor Stores

39 Temple Pl, Boston, MA 02111 


894 Main St, Waltham, MA 02451