We love a team player, even with our beauty products! Chanel’s HUILE DE JASMIN  ($150) is exactly that type of product – ready to jump into the game at any point!


We would never have known how versatile this face oil is if we hadn’t talked to Chanel make-up artist and counter manager, Jaclyn Angelini, at the Newbury Street store. She showed us just how many uses this softly-scented Jasmine facial oil really has.

Here, Jaclyn mixes the oil with golden eye shadow.

In its intended role, Camellia Oil, Limnathes Alba Oil, and Jojoba Oil, moisture and revitalize skin. It’s one of the first products Jess puts on her face in the morning. She also uses the oil throughout the day as a moisture boost, as well as in her nighttime skin regime

If you use the oil just as a face moisturizer, you’ll be happy. It is easily absorbed, rescuing parched skin.

However, we learned this product has multiple personalities as we watched Jaclyn blend it throughout the makeup application, turning this light oil into a heavyweight in our skincare bag.

Here are a few of the ways she used the oil:

  1. Mix the oil into your concealer to avoid any caked on creases.
  2. Dab the oil into foundation to achieve a fresh and dewy look.
  3. Add to powder highlighter for a sexy sheen. This is perfect for cheekbones and nose.
  4. Blend the Chanel HUILE DE JASMIN with any eyeshadow for a silky and creamier shadow. Add more/less to reach desired consistency.

The oil is a little pricey, however, it lasts. The top of the bottle has a very controlled spout, meaning you’ll never over pour. Jess has had her bottle since November and it’s half full! The oil was used throughout the makeup application in these photos, giving everything a nice dewy sheen!

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