Old Fashioned cocktail recipes are anything but “old”! They’re actually pretty hip these days. New versions of the classic drink are being poured at bars all across the country, and all generations are enjoying the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from this king of cocktails.

We’ve been playing around with the iconic drink, and have come up with a few variations of this bourbon-based cocktail. This is one of our favorites. The secret ingredient is something we picked up at Post Road Liquors.

Rather than using the traditional ingredient of simple syrup, we added this rich maple syrup from Cask Force. Their Artist Series Bourbon & Rye Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup adds an earthy and rich sweetness updates this Old Fashioned. In fact, the cocktail might become a necessity during February vacation!

Stop by Post Road to pick up a bottle – with several different varieties of this hand-crafted syrup, the possibilities are endless! Um, hello pancakes with chopped pecans and candied bacon? Yum…

Maple Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe


Note: We excluded the regular orange twist, but feel free to add one if you like.


  1. Pour Bourbon into your favorite rocks glass. (We used Woodford Reserve.)
  2. Drop in the spiced cherry bitters.
  3. Add maple syrup and stir!
  4. Splash one plump cherry into the glass as the final garnish!

You can serve it neat, or with ice. Ours was so good we hired a stormtrooper to protect it. Just kidding, we picked up these really cool star wars ice cubes at William Sonoma for $19.95.


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