We all love to have a little sparkle in our lives – especially, in our beauty products. We’re not talking Lansdowne Street and Roxy style glitter, circa 1999. We’ve grown up and are a little more refined these days (eh-hem, at least most of the time 😉 ).

What we are talking about are all of the gorgeous shimmering body oils on the market right now. Not only do they give you a nice golden glow, but your skin will soak up the luscious dry oil, making it silky smooth.

You should definitely grab yourself one of these amazing products. This stuff is good literally from head to toe! Use a droplet to calm an unruly mane of hair or try rubbing it on your shoulders and decollete. That soft shimmer and healthy glow will definitely make bearing the never-ending bare shoulder trend a little more fun.

Don’t see your favorite product in our quick review? Feel free to share any oil you might love in the comments section!

10. The Body Shop – Honey Bronze

You have to give it to the Body Shop for their staying power. They were a fixture back in our mall rat days, and still are. So, usually, the products they sell have been well tested by the consumer market. This body oil is no different.


  • Cost – on sale now for $13.22! (regularly $22)
  • Scent – light scent of honey and monoi (If you didn’t know, monoi are Tahitian gardenias that have been soaked in coconut oil. Don’t feel bad, we had to google it.)
  • Where to buy Honey Bronze

9. Moroccan Oil – Shimmering Body Oil

Moroccan oil came sloshing down the product pipeline in huge volumes and with a massive force. It ended up in practically every woman’s bathroom cabinet. Well, they’ve done it again with this fantastic shimmering oil. Oh, and just like the original product, this can go in your hair too!

8. L’Oreal – Mythic Oil

This L’Oreal product has some serious gold glimmer in it. Magnolia oil aids in the reflective properties of the glimmer. Feel free to use it in your hair and on your face, but for the best effect, all over your shoulders and decollete. Enjoy!

  • Cost – $17.00
  • Scent – light magnolia oil
  • Where to buy Mythic Oil

7. Philosophy- Pure Grace Summer Shimmering Dry Body Oil

Philosophy usually gets it right. We love this shimmering dry body oil for its clean scent. Fresh and clean and sparkly? What do you think Outkast? How about a remix?

  • Cost -$30.00 (This is a limited edition product. So, if you want it, you better be quick!)
  • Scent – Same as Philosophy’s pure grace perfume, the smell of clean soap and water. (We hope not dirty soap! 😉 )
  • Where to buy pure grace summer shimmering dry body oil


6. Say Hello To Sexy Legs Body Illuminating Fluid

Who doesn’t want sexy legs? We’ll take’em! And arms, and shoulders… Say Hello to Sexy’s body illuminating fluid has caffeine and green tea to help contour your skin. Remember, this isn’t just for your legs. Rub it all over your body!

5. Beauty Counter Lustro Shimmer Oil

Beauty Counter has done a fantastic job of spreading awareness of harmful chemicals that are in our beauty products and pledging to make theirs dirty-product-free. That’s why we’re giving this sexy Lustro oil props. It’s fantastic as a facial highlighter too!

4. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Oh Tom, how we love you! Sorry, Tom Brady, this time we’re talking about Tom Ford. (But, we still love you!) The creative mind behind Gucci and now his own fashion line now has this heavenly product to add to his design resume. Yes, it’s the most expensive, but that’s just the way high fashion rolls; even high fashion glitter.

3. NARS Monoi Body Glow

We’ve put NARS Monoi Body Glow so high on the list mainly for its heavenly scent. But, also it does have a rich color to it and makes our skin silky smooth.

  • Cost – $59
  • Scent – Monoi – remember those coconut oi soaded gardenia flowers?
  • Where to buy Monoi Nars Body Glow

2. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant

Okay, we admit, there isn’t any glitter in our number two choice. HOWEVER, it will make your skin shine. And, if you use it everyday, it will eventually glow on its own from a healthy dose of moisturizing cocoa butter. Plus, we sort of want to eat it; num, yum, num, yum, num, yum!

1. NUXE Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

NUXE is number one on our list because we’ve been using it for years. It’s all purpose- hair, face, body. Indulge yourself with this moderately priced, and skin softening dry oil. We swear it’s what’s given us our soft skin.

Remember! Tiny pieces of oiled glitter are superficial- we all sparkle on the inside! 🙂


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